Some pics taken with the Pentax-DA SMC 55-300mm f/4-5.8 ED


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Quite a few people have shown an interest in the
Pentax-DA SMC 55-300mm f/4-5.8 ED

Here are some examples of photos were taken with the 55-300mm lens
at a local duck pond a few weeks ago.

Hardly any PP, just a bit of sharpening on the last, although it
didn't really need it.


Greylag Goose


Black-headed gull

Black-headed gull

Greylag Goose

Greylag Goose

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Very nice shots. The last one is superb. Great sharpness. I think that first one is little bit underexposed?


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I have that lens and have rarely used it. You've inspired me to stick it back on the camera. The last shot in particular really showcases it well.
You can see some of my photos here if you are so inclined


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That's a beautifully sharp goose!

I must admit after toting the Sigma 70-200 around for a while I do occasionally daydream about 'downgrading' to a 55-300. The extra range, lower weight, smaller size, and some extra spending money are all quite tempting Sharpness and general IQ are probably pretty similar, but I guess the Sigma has faster AF and a brighter viewfinder. Decisions decisions... maybe I should get both and compare them for a while
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Some very nice sharp shots there, Algi; and I particularly like the Greylag Geese. Don't see so many of them round here... Canadians and Egyptians seem to rule the roost. Impressive performance from the lens too. Were they all at the 300mm end?

Mat W

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Last one is a cracker.
My piccies.


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Thanks for the comments. The first one was just a personal
preference for the colour of the feathers.... different from
the usual Mallard colours.

Most of the shots were at 300mm but I did take some others
with the zoom set wider. One is posted below.

Most of the shots were f/11 at 1/180th 140ISO using a small
tripod as a shoulder/chestpod, SR On.

I changed over to the Pentax-A* 300mm f/4 about halfway through
but on nearly every shot after I was too close and couldn't zoom out.

One of the Pentax-A* 300mm is below, not that much different,
unless you want to use f/4. It also seems longer than 300mm
probably 320-330mm. I had a 6mm extension tube on it to get
closer than 4m

This was at 135mm (Pentax-DA SMC 55-300mm f/4-5.8 ED)

This one's taken with the Pentax-A* 300mm f/4 lens at f/8

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A couple more sweet shots! I really like the first (of the second post) - the pose/position of the Goose is great!

Mat W

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Looks like an excellent lens. Very sharp.
Best wishes,


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Great set and showing great detail and textures



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Some superb shots here, I'm thinking of getting this lens myself, whats the most you would pay for a used one? or the going rate for a new one?


No equipment list, lifes too short!


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I have the DA L version, cheaper as it does not have the quick focus and has a plastic rather than metal mount. I understand the optical quality is identical to the DA version. Only time will tell if it wears as well, but absolutely no issues so far. When I first got the lens, I thought it was a little soft, but found later this was due to auto-focus calibration being incorrect on my K-X. Now it is taking super-sharp pictures and I am very happy with it. Mine cost £150 brand new on ebay.

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55-300 DAL is the bargain of the century, got mine for £128 on ebay - almost feel sorry for canikon users....

Pentax pour des images riches en détails!


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I agree I think the DAL is a cracking lens for the money. I got mine s/h for £120 from Camera World. I think they were embarrassed and wanted to get rid of me when I pointed out that they did not have it labelled up correctly.

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Just reminded me I've not tried the 55-300mm on a K-5 yet
Must try it when we next get a decent bit of weather
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