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Hi all,

One a month from my photographic year 2017.

My gallery on here has a good selection from our travels. If what preoccupied me most was on here it would have been a lot of butterflies and dragonflies this April to June. Then dogs and my two grandchildren followed by family gatherings. My camera gets good use. Hope you enjoy this cross section...

Moody January in our local park...

February - The dogs are companions most days...

By March the birdlife locally is busy...

April brings a flush of light and colour...

May in lovely Funchal on Madeira...

June back home the damselflies are busy...

July insect life prevails...

August and its already berry picking if you can get a look in...

September in Northumberland, I just liked this sky...

October sky here in Chesterfield...

November while visiting Norwich...

Finally first December snow...


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A lovely and wide ranging set of images, all of them of high quality. I just love the dogs in action and the blackbird(?) among the blackberries is superb.


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All first class but I do like the blackbird.
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Another great set from throughout the year.
I'm partial to September sky. Great shooting.
I know what i like, If not always why.


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Seems like you had a great year. Hope you keep inspiring us in the coming years also. Great work.
Moment Stamper: Date Stamp Photo


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A lovely, varied set Bill. If this is a sample of your year, it must have been a good one



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A lovely set, that stunning blackbird shot back to haunt me, excellent work. Have a great 2018.


Link Posted 11/01/2018 - 09:59
February dogs photo is great. I like the crop too.

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