Some Motorbikes old and some not so old.


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Leather belt . wicker basket what's not to like

A couple of serious developments .

The ends of an era.

A little more modern


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Oh, man, that Rudge took me back a while. A friend of mine had an old one in his dad's garage, no engine just the frame and wheels. We would wheel it out of the garage and then ride, (actually, coast) hell for leather down the hill hoping we could stop it before it went into the woods. Did I mention that it had no breaks? We'd then puff and pant our way back up the hill and do the whole thing again.

A simple question, why was it always sunny then?

Btw, these are great photographs especially No. 1 and, of course, the Rudge. Thanks for sharing.
Be well, stay safe.


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A nice collection of bikes
C&C welcome.


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Like the bikes, I remember my Dad going on about his BSA 350 and that would have been in 1950 to 1952 before he went to sea . Wasn’t born then obviously so never saw it


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Great photo's of great bikes.

Best regards


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The Super Sport takes me back to my childhood and my dad!
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