Some hills this morning with the DA18250


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Had a wander down to Buttermere this morning to check out the colour. Bit windy but beautiful day so went for a wander instead. Not done a huge amount with the DA18-250 so decided to give it a go. Mixed results but nice to have that range in one lens. I missed my grads to be honest - wide range in brightness. The route was from Buttermere up over Ard Craggs and Knott Rigg then crossed over and up to Sail, Eel Crags, detoured across to Grassmoor and back to Wandope before doing Whiteless Pike and back down.


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Like them all. Very nice landscapes
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Hi Mark,

For me the two most interesting images are the 3rd and final ones. They are both violet though which I'm not sure about. I really like wind turbines (although for anyone who doesn't I'm not up for a debate!)

The leading lines in three are powerful - can we see something with a more natural PP?
Having looked again I also think 5 has a lot goign for it, I like the contrasting lush green patchwork fields and the looming mountains. A very elevated viewpoint almost hot air balloon.

The lens looks like a good performer considering its range, at least at these sizes- makes me think the 18-135 is an optical underperformer.


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The third one i wasn't entirely happy with the processing myself. Trying to accentuate the path looking towards Causey Pike which I thought was the stand out feature of the walk. I was trying to focus attention on the turbines as well. They looked like they were floating in air from the top of Grassmoor.


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The pathway really stands out in the violet one and thats what i like about it.

Whilst it is still a nice shot this effect is diminished so i can see why you did it.

I'm afraid my knowledge falls well short of yours here. looks like a great walk.


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I like all of these but number 5 is just superb
Regards, Philip


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The photos #3, #5, and #7 are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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Love the windmill shot.

I think the B&W images don't work as well because of the somewhat overcast sky, there is not enough focal lighting so it comes off a little grey.

also the more I love at 5 the more I like it, the detail on the trees is impressive!
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Difficult to choose - all are interesting but for me #7. Well done Mark.
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Really interesting to see the different treatments you've used for these images. Turbine shot is v good but for me 3-5 are the most interesting - because they are different approaches to the kind of shot I often sometimes attempt (and don't usually pull off ). And I assume you had 'mixed' light conditions to deal with as well.

#3 really does effectively focus attention on those paths (which I can't quite believe have been constructed up there... they look like proper mountain bike runs) and works better than the other versions. I assume you've desaturated #4? I like this effect here and the light playing on the distant hills (could this be emphasised more?). And #5 is a a cracking composition and good for the contrast between the green Newlands and the hills (though I wonder if you've cranked down clarify somehow/where, and what it would look like with more clarity on the hills).

Thanks for posting. Really interesting stuff

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I must admit I'm not really sure about these, the last one I think works well but the lighting/processing in the others doesn't work for me personally.

The lighting in the Lakes is notoriously difficult, I've been trying to catch some decent images for the last 3yrs on my yearly visit but not managed anything particularly great, processing just can't replace good lighting sometimes and I think that's the situation here - sorry, not for me these although your "holiday snaps" are just terrific!!

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I agree, Simon.

Lovely landscapes, but bad light.

On another day, these could have been superb. As it is, we can see the potential, but, except for the penultimate one (which has a lot going for it, and would repay further experimentation in processing), they are not what they might have been on a better day.

Thanks, too, Simon, for having the integrity to go against the grain.

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5 and 7 for me.

Number 7 would be a cracker with some brooding clouds and special storm light.

Likewise number 5, shame the light was not with you (or your grads). The sky looks a bit too far gone, but an off the top crop (I suggest 2.1cm) and a digital ND grad could help.

The windy path shot just doesn't quite grab me as it should, not sure why. Maybe you could ask a mate to stand at the summit.

I'm colour blind, so my advice on colour is best ignored. However, the processing in 3 and 7 I find very odd.
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I like the set and thanks for sharing, the one that stands out for me is no.4, with its strong lines and the path in the foreground leading me in.


Link Posted 27/09/2011 - 12:35
Cheers for the comments but to be honest I was just posting about the 18-250. It was an excellent walk and there are a couple of spots I'll be going back for at dawn - good viewpoint for the rising sun. I doubt I'll be using the 18-250 for walking again. I'll stick to being weighed down with a bit extra kit. A nice tourist/travelling lens.
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