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Link Posted 17/09/2011 - 11:35
A colleague makes bespoke jewellery and I have agreed to help with the photography for a website they are producing.

They have pointed me in the direction of the below site as my 'inspiration'. They are after the same deep black background to the pieces.


I was nieve thinking that black card would do the job, the texture is miles out.

Any tips for recreating this effect would be greatly received. Is it likely these were photographed on a neutral background and PP'd?

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Black velvet is the way to go.


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Gwyn wrote:
Black velvet is the way to go.

Would second this.

Take care.
Chris R.

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Black velvet, inside a tent, lit by a builders work lamp.
Simple, cheap, effective.
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and then there's all the M42 kit, and the accessories ...


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Agreed with all the comments above.

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Cheers all. The home made light tent is ready to go. Just need to hunt some black velvet.
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Link Posted 18/09/2011 - 08:20
This link might be useful

Best Regards - Peter


Link Posted 18/09/2011 - 11:52
PeteL wrote:
This link might be useful

Best Regards - Peter

thanks for the link, very interesting, maybe I can use something like that for my ebay items




Link Posted 19/09/2011 - 09:48
I once needed balck background for a shot and used my wife's black headscarf wrapped round a board - worked like a charm.


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Just need to hunt some black velvet.

Try your local upholsterers, they often have cut-offs of velvets.
I got about a square yard of dark chocolate velvet to cover a stool for 75p from my local one last year and he had several other colours (deep purple, vivid red, a loveley green shade) just shoved in a cardboard box, presumeably waiting for a trip to the skips.

Then there are the curtain makers who probably have bits as well.



Link Posted 23/10/2011 - 19:19
Quick update with some pictures of my efforts. After trying a few methods I preferred the results in the table top studio link above provided by PeteL.

I had an empty canvas frame and pulled a length of white cotton across the the frame to hang the items from. this was then positioned in front of some velvet affixed to the wall. I had a basic 35W light and the camera on a tripod. They were shot at 70mm with a Sigma 17-70 I recently acquired.

It was difficult to get pieces as I had to sit well in the light tent, so I felt this gave best results.

Would gladly accept comments of how to improve.

K5, LTD 15 SIG 30, SIG 105.


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My wife saw me looking at these...guess now she thinks I am looking to buy her some gems! Damn and blast..
They have turned out well I think.

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PPG link
Flickr link


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Hi Jamie
I have learnt at my own expense that jewellery photography is one of the most difficults to master.

I was approached a few weeks ago by a big jewellery shop to do product photography and haven't stopped researching and tweaking stuff. There is so much to it and lighting is just one of the main things to control. But there are also lots of other aspects involved that makes it really hard but very fulfilling when you finally manage to get results after all the effort.

You certainly seem to be on the right track, those results seem very promising in my view, so do not be discouraged and keep perfecting your shots.

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