So here is why I can no longer afford the 31mm/43mm/77mm


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Just got home to find my new toy has arrived.

I got home from work Tuesday afternoon and went onto a shops used section to find this staring me in the face. Phoned up and after a quick chat and a bit of bartering (which saved me 200) I agreed to buy the lens. Only way they could do it was to reduce the price on the web site so a fraught 30 mins was spent hoping someone else didn't notice it on there and beat me to it until I managed to make the purchase .... only to be greeted with card not accepted. Anyway, couple of phone calls to the bank while the nice men at the shop kept the lens for me saw it dispatched yesterday and delivered today.

Absolutely superb condition considering it's an FA lens (very easily scratched) and came with the box, hood, filters .

Only problem now is I sold the A* 300mm 2.8 because I'm lazy and it was too heavy to carry around ... this thing is twice the weight.

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I think you've just bought a piece of "Project Babylon" history!!! 5.8kg!!! time to hit the gym and apply for planning permission to use it


Link Posted 16/05/2013 - 14:49
Cant believe i guessed right lol.

Superb piece of glass, you setting up a lens rental business to pay for it???
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Not jealous at all Mike.

It wouldn't sit on the front seat of the car mounted on the camera ready for action. I'll stick with my 150-500




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Wow... just wow!!!

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Try taking that as hand luggage!


Link Posted 16/05/2013 - 14:58
And i thought i had it bad trying to hide my new sigma 24mm lens from her in doors,

Just a thought you could turn it upside down and put a potted plant in it,that way you could say Pentax are branching out into home decor



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Wow, that's a beast of a lens! Can't wait to see some test pics from it. Did you get the CPL filter slot too? Congrats!

Can we find out what shop actually had one of these on the shelf?


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Lurking is shirking.!


Link Posted 16/05/2013 - 16:04
Congratulations.....fantastic lens!

This is just the start..... Now you need a new tripod and gimbal head!

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Another wow!


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I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you,

Not really....just JEALOUS!!!

Cant wait to see some photos from it......
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Lovely lens ... Just the thing for walking
with the dog

Is it this one.....
or is that another? In which case get two for stereo!

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OH!! that's big one

I would give the doc a call as you most certainly have a severe dose of LBA
LBA is good for you, a Lens a day helps you work, rest and play.
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