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OK this is a little tongue in cheek but I've got to find a slimming lens! My wife hates every and all pictures I take of her. I think she's gorgeous and at a size 8 there's no argument that she's fat but I'm pulling my hair out with her and the fact I can't use any pictures I take of her!

Is there a stretch function in Photoshop?

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It may be the way your posing her, there is a Liquify tool in PS that can be used, you can also change to a slightly lower shooting angle that can elongate legs etc

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Or you could squeeze the whole image (select all/free transform). As much as 95% can look ok. Take care that the face still looks natural though
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There is a slimming digital filter in the playback menu on my K100d, I've never used it but worth a try ...jeff..


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Theres a filter in Photoshop that should help.

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Thank you for your prompt advise guys...I shall have a mess with the suggested photoshop effects. could make a fortune down at slimming world but I like my women to still have a little of that hour glass shape

Sometimes I'm serious and sometimes not, but I consider sarcasm an artform. Which is it today?


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And do you get that effect in post production Mike .... jeff...


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I have an Optio with a digital slimming filter built in, considering how desirable this feature appears to be I could be open to serious offers.
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