Silver K3III at Amazon for 1399


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As title.

Also got some other competitive deals on K-3III with 18-135 for 1850

Black K3III for some reason is 200 more than the silver at 1600

K-70 body is 499...200 less than SRS !

SRS are quoting K-3III bodies now as 'Special Order' on 9 day delivery!

Controversially...raises the question is Ricoh deliberately undercutting its UK dealers with its Amazon pricing?


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Isn't there a sale on at the minute on the flying penis funding site???
At the beggining there was nothing....

Which exploded....


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[quote:3496ace15f="Spad"]Isn't there a sale on at the minute on the flying penis funding site???[/quote

Quite probably...but then again there usually is one on almost any time you check. This one presumably is designed to intercept Easter business that might otherwise have gone to high street dealers.

Vaguely remember reading from an interview with head of Ricoh or Pentax recently where he alluded to having just one main outlet in each country...if Amazon operate in that country presumably he's talking about throwing their long suffering dealers 'under the bus'?


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I just rediscovered my K3ii that has been eclipsed for some time by the magic of Full Frame. With the 55-300 PLM and DA*300 on it I have been quite delighted. What I need a K3iii for I have no idea. Had they put a flippy screen on it .......... ?
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davidwozhere wrote:
Had they put a flippy screen on it .......... ?

Agreed, seems an odd omission given the K-1 industrial mechanism design etc.


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By omitting the flippy screen i'm guessing they could have designed the camera at the outset to take a flippy screen in version II.

Manufacturing consumer goods seems to be all about ...'How can we maximise our revenue and profit stream over the next x years' rather than
'How can we produce the best possible product NOW for our customer base'.

K3III with 18-135 lens...LAST TWO now at AMZ for 1672.

Hopefully this might presage a permanent reduction in the body only price going forward as consumer spending bombs.


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FWIW, if you look cafefully at "See all buying options" in the top Right corner of the Silver K-3 III listing, you will see that it is sold by Amazon US, whereas most of the other K-3 III and K-70 are listed with just Amazon as the seller.
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