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Hello, I wonder if anyone could help me decide whether to keep the bundled 18-55 WR lens or get the Sigma 17-50 EX

I am new to Pentax, coming from an unloved Nikon D5000 + Sigma 17-70 OS HSM. I am afraid I am a pixel peeper and was one of the reason I got rid of the Nikon. But mostly I hated the ergonomics of the Nikon

I have ordered the K5 with the kit lens (as it seemed better value with a free bag) and a DA 70mm f2.4.

How much better is the Sigma and how well does it balance on the K5. I love nice bokehs and would do a fair bit of close photography.


NB I should receive my kit today from Warehouse Express
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You might also find some of the alternatives interesting

The new 17-50 HSM Sigma seems rather expensive for a third party lens, and I am reluctant to pay for in-lens OS when I have already paid for in-body SR. The K5 no longer has the physical SR switch either, so it might be a hassle to continually go into the menus to turn the in-body SR off when mounting this lens. The stabilised viewfinder might be occasionally useful, but from what I've heard is much more useful with longer lenses.

Personally I have the Tamron 17-50 (which is optically brilliant, incredibly sharp and good bokeh, but the screwdrive is a bit noisy and it doesn't deal with flare as well as a Pentax lens), but if I was choosing all over again I would be looking hard at the old Sigma 18-50 simply for the semi 'macro' mode.
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The new Sigma looks very good, but I think the Tamron 17-50mm remains best value - and it's nice and compact. Alternatively you have the pentax 17-70mm or 16-45mm but 'only' f4.

The kit lens is OK stopped down a bit but a pixel peeper or bokeh fan will not love it. Think of it as a specialist 'rainy weather' lens
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