Sigma 15mm f2.8 Hit or Miss?


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Has anybody used this lens on a pentax? Does anyone know how it fairs against the DA 15mm ltd? Any help received would be gratefully received



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The Sigma is a fisheye. The DA15mm is another kettle of fish entirely

What's more the Sigma is designed for full frame. On crop-sensor you won't get a 'full fisheye effect', just a semi-fishy look like the Zenitar 16mm:

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thanks for the response. Is there less barrel distortion then on the da15?
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Is there less barrel distortion then on the da15?

There should be very little on a rectilinear lens, but I suspect the 12-24mm will be even better as it is quite exceptional in that respect.
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John is right - the lens is a rectilinear one. I have the DA15 and really like it, especially as it is so physically small compared with other wide angle lenses. Here are a couple of shots taken with mine which might help illustrate - the first of which is broadly comparable(ish) with the zenitar shot above - taken with DA15 on a K-7:

St Patrick's Cathedral

Three ways of crossing the Atlantic

Classic NY

Hope that helps (a bit)
Mat W

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barryo70 wrote:

thanks for the response. Is there less barrel distortion then on the da15?

A fisheye has, basically by definition, barrel distortion.
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Thanks for all the help. I ended up buying the sigma 15mm. I like the look of it and it was a great price. So that's two of my desired lenses with just 2 left to buy.
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I have to admit (with no experience of the DA 15mm) I'm glad I bought the Sigma. It's built lke a tank too!
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