Sigma 100-300mm f/4 DG EX


Link Posted 21/03/2021 - 11:38
For sale is my Sigma 100-300mm F/4 DG EX lens. It is in superb condition and comes boxed with hood, case, caps and tripod collar. This is the last available version made for Pentax and doesn't suffer from iffy focusing on newer bodies unlike some of the older versions. The lens is full frame compatible and really is an excellent performer on both the K-1 and the K-3.

Very rare beast in Pentax mount these days.

Looking for 675 including UK postage.
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Pictures of lens

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Oooh shiny lens, this one looks a gem

All the gear with no idea


Link Posted 21/03/2021 - 15:41
A "blast from the past" and definitely a "gem" - I'd probably buy it if I didn't already have one

PS: Pentax KA mount versions are now very rare (unlike the Canikon versions) and so the prices do hold up very well - paid around the same price for mine over 10 yrs ago, and I probably be able to sell it (not that I'm going to!) with very little overall loss.
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Does this play nicely with the Pentax 1.4x TC?
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greentricky wrote:
Does this play nicely with the Pentax 1.4x TC?

Indeed it does. Unlike the Sigma teleconverter it reports correctly in the exif as well.
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Taken with the K-3II and Pentax 1.4x (wide open, could really have done with stopping down a bit more tbh)

Tern - Blashford Lakes by Mike.Pursey, on Flickr

Blue Moon 31st January 2018 by Mike.Pursey, on Flickr

On it's own on the K-1

RIAT 2018 by Mike.Pursey, on Flickr
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Really going to miss this one .... Sold subject to payment.
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