Sigma 10-20 Low Light High ISO


Link Posted 13/01/2008 - 00:55
Went to see an exhibition at the Anglican Cathedral - took the 10-20 and got some reasonable high ISO low light shots - all hand held.

Very impressed with this Sigma.

1/20sec, f4, 800, 10mm (The guy with the tripod was doing HDR stuff - pretty impossible I thought thought with the pedestrian traffic)

1/15sec, f5.6, 1600, 10mm

1/20sec, f4, 800, 10mm

1/15sec, f4, 800, 10mm

1/25sec, f4, 1600, 10mm

1/15sec, f5.6, 1600, 10mm
New complex just down the road from the church. IS on this camera is so good - 1/15 would have been impossible on anything I had before

1/50sec, f5.6, 1600, 10mm
End of a hard days slog round the shops - cup of expresso and a hair dryer filled hot air balloon - Bit late but, Happy New Year .

Not an exercise in great photography (as she had me booked in for some serious Saturday sales shopping) more just to see if hand held low light stuff was possible with this lens.

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Link Posted 13/01/2008 - 01:26
I'm very impressed.
You seem to be getting superb results from the Sigma.
I have just got one myself and am not sure. I know you are using a K10 and i only have a K100D Super but could you please comment on the quality (not the subject matter) of the shot I have posted in Pentax lenses "New Lens Arrives". I do not seem to be able to get a sharp shot any how or else am I imagining things(I hope so).
Thanks for your time.
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Link Posted 13/01/2008 - 10:59
Those shots are very impressive, the colours really stand out in the first few.
I can see noise creeping in the 4th, and the last two

The 5th shot is incredible considering its 1600ISO!

Great shots. I take it the exhibition was for the 2008 opening, friday/saturday?


Link Posted 13/01/2008 - 12:28
ikillrocknroll wrote:
...I take it the exhibition was for the 2008 opening, friday/saturday?

The exhibition at the cathedral was actually about Anne Frank and her family - very moving.

At the other end of the cathedral (its the biggest Anglican cathedral in the world!), the tables were set up for a big fry up for a load of big name companies for a Capital of Culture event. We had to settle for a cake and a coffee in the cafe, we couldn't stretch to the few thousand it cost for a table . (I'd rather buy lenses with it anyway ).
One thing though I was watching the official photographer moving about checking out the church and thought he did throw an envious eye at the lens .
Was going to try and chat but he seemed absorbed.

The 2008 hot air pic was a charity orgainisation I'm a member of, we always use their cafe cos it helps things along, and that balloon was decorated by all the kids just before liftoff.
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