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hello, I am about to sell some pentax gear, all boxed, mint with instructions etc.. I was just wondering if anybody new of a good seller to find a guide price to sell my gear at. I have always asked at a local camera shop before now and the man used to look in a little guide book, but he isn't there anymore.

thank you
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You could look at the value of completed sales on E Bay which could provide some indication. Go to 'advanced', put in the item you wish to sell and click on 'completed listings'.



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Or just ask here .. sure somone will be able to help.
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Don`t forget to put your location in your profile.
Potential purchasers like to know where you are.

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Hi Kate,

No need to bother with ebay and such like Just PM all the details to me and if there is anything of interest I'll offer a genuinely fair price for it - honest

Seriously though, the value of any used item will depend on what people are prepared to pay, which may or may not match or come close to your own perception of their worth. My advice, at least in the first instance, is to list the items and their condition on the forum and invite offers; most of which are likely to be reasonable. Or, if you prefer and have some idea of what you would be prepared to accept, list each item with an OIRO amount. If you receive none, or feel that the amounts offered are derisory, you could always try again on ebay.

Unless you are desperate, I wouldn't advise selling or part-ex to a dealer.

Good luck however you decide to proceed.

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If you have a FA 200mm macro it's worth £50 and I bagsy first refusal.
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Mike-P wrote:
If you have a FA 200mm macro it's worth £50 and I bagsy first refusal.

Don't listen to Mike, it's worth £55 of anybody's money, preferably mine.
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Mannesty wrote:
Mike-P wrote:
If you have a FA 200mm macro it's worth £50 and I bagsy first refusal.

Don't listen to Mike, it's worth £55 of anybody's money, preferably mine.

£56 for me.



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Don't bother with a dealer, they'll offer a frankly derisory sum as they'll want to put a mark-up on it and also need to take account of how long it might sit around before selling.

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If you have a Sigma 150-500 I will give you £88.50 for it

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You could drop Chris a line at SRS. He will give you a decent trade in price. You then have the option of part exchange if you can't find a buyer. Obviously he is a dealer so you might get more selling privately but it gives you a backup if you are looking to exchange.
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Put it on Ebay and let the market decide.
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Only put it on ebay if you are willing to put some work into taking some nice photos of it, and writing up an in-depth description. If that's too much of a hassle I'd say sell it here (probably for 10-20% less, but you'll still have to write brief descriptions and take a few photos), or even easier trade it all in to SRS (perhaps 25% less).
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You don't have to pay ebay/paypal fees for selling here so the price difference equals out


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If the item you are selling is a curent model e.g. a lens which is still in production and it is in good condition, boxed with manuals, accessories etc., it would be reasonable to ask around 2/3 to 3/4 the current new lowest price. Digital camera bodies tend to drop in price faster than lenses and if no longer a current model may fetch less than half their most recent new price. be prepared for buyers to haggle and you may have to accept a lower price.

It is important to describe items accurately mentioning any defects and preferably including clear, sharp pictures. The clssified section on Pentax User is free and you usually deal with well informed fellow members.
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