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Link Posted 02/04/2010 - 22:02
Just tested the SDHC cards I have.
Comments and contributions welcome.

Sandisk Extreme III (old version), (Amazon 8GB for 23.83 = 3 /GB)
PNY Optima class 4, (ebay PNY Premium 8GB for 12.99 = 1.6 /GB)
VEHO Ultra Fast Class 6. (ebay 16GB for 30 = 1.9 /GB)
(best prices as at Apr 2010)

I put the cards in the k-7 and format, set to record RAW and JPG at hightest settings, set high speed continuous shots. Take 9 shots until the buffer fills.

I timed from the first shot starts until the orange write light goes out. I then put the SDHC card in the computer and look at how many MB were written and calculate the MB/s.

These are just the write speeds. Larger numbers are better, more data written. Worst and best times recorded.

PNY 4.7 178MB in 38s
6.0 278MB in 46s

VEHO 7.3 189MB in 26s
8.6 251MB in 29s

EX III 12.9 194MB in 15s
15.5 280MB in 17s

You get what you pay for. Thanks Sherlock. Get a brand you trust from a supplier you trust.

From my own perspective, I have one fast card just in case I ever need it and a bunch of slow ones.

I suppose if someone has a mega fast card at a reasonable cost we'd all be interested. Failing that its Sandisk Extreme III and Lexar Professional.

(I know there are differences between writing single large files versus lots of small files. However this is a fairly real life kind of test, I copied from some web page somewhere) I'd expect K-7, K20D, GX20 to produce fairly similar results, if anyone wants to chip in).

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Link Posted 29/06/2010 - 19:00
I had a speed issue the other day which would have compromised a particularly good image. So I bought another 8GB SDHC. I filled the 4GB up too quickly, shooting raw, walking around for a couple of hours.

New card EX III 8GB 20MB/S version 22.62 Amazon as at June 2010

real life speed
13.1MB/s (184MB in 14s )
14MB/s (196MB in 14s)

So the current 20MB/s Extreme III from Sandisk is as fast/a tad faster than the old standard extreme III. Pretty good value. I was happy with the old Extreme III speed and baulked at the 30MB/s price of 40. I was worried I might need the 30MB/s one.

I'll update this if I get any speed bottle necks with the new card.
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Link Posted 29/06/2010 - 19:15
dougf8 wrote:

New card EX III 8GB 20MB/S version 22.62 Amazon as at June 2010

real life speed
13.1MB/s (184MB in 14s )
14MB/s (196MB in 14s)

Thanks for that, was looking at that very card this afternoon wondering how it performed against my older 4GB EXIII cards.
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