"Screwed" by Pentax ;-)


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(No, this isn't a troll, just a feeble attempt at humour)

I just noticed that the shiny metal endcap on my Optio M40 is rattling, because one of the screws holding it in is gone and the other loose...

Pentax Canada wants, and I quote "Part#76990 A224 S Screw 1.4x2.0, $2.25 ea. plus shipping $10.00 plus taxes"...

When I emailed back and mentioned that it was under warranty, they responded that I had to package it up, send it to them with proof of purchase, whereupon they'd fix it and post it back, probably costing me and them a total of about $30...

I emailed them back and if they were to mail me the screw it would cost them $.50, but they would not.

Argghh - I even offered to send them a self-addressed, stamped envelope with a photocopy of my purchase receipt, but they didn't even respond to that one...

SO, does anyone have a dead Optio M-whatever (I think they probably used the same screws) which they can send me one of the screws from? I'd be happy to send a self addressed envelope along with funds to cover postage...

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I might be able to help, I have an S50 that's been used for spares, I know the case screws are the same size as the M20 so they will probably fit.

However, given the outrageous cost of airmail, would you like it posted by surface mail?

It is fun to think how one might send something so small! PM your address and it will be on its way.

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Was going to suggest a watch repairer, they may have a suitable screw and the driver to fit it.
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Got to your local Lenscrafter or New Look. They should have the screw size you need.
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From a business point of view, this sort of thing makes me despair. We all love Pentax but some jobsworthy is shooting the company in the foot.

Scenario A, the one with have here. We are all groaning how daft this is. It is now on this list and will be available for billions of people around the world to read for many years to come.

Scenario B, someone with half a brain gets your email and thinks "Not worth worrying about" and posts you one. You are happy, you tell us you are happy, we all think "Good ol' Pentax". This time the posts available to the world are positive and happy. Worth a couple of bucks of anyone's money.
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Late Update...

The guy I was dealing with on the phone was apparently having a bad day (week? month?) and was acting "not very nicely" according to the Pentax rep I complained to at the recent Photographic show in Toronto...
The rep I spoke to (a sales rep) directed me to another person on the floor (their 'techie guy', he said) who wrote me a note to take with me to present the next time I'm in the Mississauga area (where their Canadian office is).
When I mentioned that I don't get up that way often, he said it didn't matter, to come when I could, they wanted to "make it good"

Feeling better now... Thanks, Pentax
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That's still rather unimpressive. I have also owned Swarovski (in the past) and Nikon (currently) binoculars. When the eyecups needed renewing, a simple phone call to both brought a quick and free replacement posted free as well. It's all about goodwill and building up customer loyalty IMHO.



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It's all about goodwill and building up customer loyalty IMHO.

The most incredible goodwill that I've experienced is from owning Koss headphones. They offer a life-time guarantee Ear pads wear out - phone them up and there's new ones on the way; cable breaks - you can phone and get a replacement for fix-it-yourself, or send in the headphones and they repair them!
In the end I actually hold back from getting them fixed because I feel so bad... wait until there's plenty wrong to make it worth while fixing!
But, needless to say, I only use Koss for headphones
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As a comparison, I bought a Leupold rifle scope a couple of years ago. It was an old model that was old when I bought it. It was fitted with target type turrets, but I wanted to change them to capped type turrets. I couldn't find them anywhere, and eventually, I telephoned Leupold direct in USA. They took my details and posted them free of charge! That's service, and leads me to buy Leupold in the future.


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Have a Dyson vacuum,
a few years ago dropped it down the stairs, it broke in several places.
Engineer came out, serviced and replaced the broken parts, all at no charge.
Will always buy Dyson in the future. Some companies understand the value of customer loyalty and work hard to get it, not so sure if Pentax do?

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