Scotland, which places to visit to take awesome pictures?


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Frogherder wrote:
You can see a fair bit from Sca Fell in the Lake District. Quite near enough


Yep - you're absolutely right Bernard. Just you stay in Englandshire
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ehehe thank you everybody. I also would like to see something of “folkloric”, you know kilt and such. Which event is famous and/or unmissable that happens between July and September?
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Google, 'highland gathering' and you will get a list of highland festivals, dates etc.

Some are large events and some much smaller. Most will have dancing, highland games etc. Lots of tartan and caber tossing.


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Anyone see that photography bit on the One Show just now? Stack Polly although I'm 110% sure that's NOT how it's spelt. Staic Pollaidh or something daft no doubt.


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The games near Oban are usually towards the end of August. It's relatively small and a very friendly bunch as I recall.

Incidentally Oban has a distillery and a tartan shop and makes an excellent base for exploring most of the sites in the area. (despite my previous comments I do actually love going to Scotland).

My grandaunt lived her life in Paisley and I keep intending to look up my cousins when next in the area, but so far have been unable to find any addresses for them



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Google "Cowal Games".

It's one of the biggest events and takes place in one of the most scenic areas. (Argyllshire)
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I have never seen Oban without rain. I'm going shortly to try again. The run from Oban to Pitlochry I think is spectacular
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I've only been to Oban once, and it rained then too. But we enjoyed the whisky tour, for him and the chocolate shop, for me .


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Islay photographer.

You might understand why I love this place.

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I spent 7 weeks touring Scotland last year. In 7 days you won't do it near enough justice. So just go wherever is easiest and cheapest for you to get to. The scenery is wonderful no matter where you go. I'm trying to think of a bad bit that you should miss out but I can't think of any.
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You want to be in the North West Highlands and take in some of the inner Hebrides. The most interesting area is called the Rough Bounds. Here's a list: en route go through Glencoe, then take the road from Fort Willaim to Mallaig (neither of which is really worth taking the camera our for) to pick up Glenfinnan (viaduct) Loch Ailort to Castle Toiram (Moidart), Loch Nan Uah Arisaig to Morar, boat to the Small Isles (Eigg, Rum Canna and Muck) and another to Loch Scavaig - takes you into the heart of the Cullins in Skye and is breath taking - both from Arisaig. Camusdarach beach (Local Hero beach), Loch Morar (Rob Roy movie) islands (fresh water - hire a boat), small lochs behind Morar (walk from Glasnacardoch), boat trip from Mallaig to Knoydart (remotest pub), the Quaraing (Skye - spectacular landscape - Lars von Trier 'Breaking the Waves'). Sounds like a lot, but most of it is within a radius of 50 miles although the Quaraing is a bit further but worth it. If you do the outer Hebridies, South Harris (Luskantyre and Horgabost) and Barra but not much in between although you will need more than 7 days for that. Forget the midge repelant - use Avon Skin so Soft - it works better; you'll need it. You will also need waterproof camera gear, but hey - your a Pentaxian. If you want to see a Scottish city it has to be Edinburgh during the Festival - nothing else comes close. Have a lovely time, enjoy the long evenings and spectacular light that come with it. (I'll be up in the places I mention in late July early August and not for the first or last time.)
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I'm told that Princes Street will be re-opened to traffic this weekend - so that should help .
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If it isn't raining
When you can't see the hill tops it's raining. When you can see the hill tops it's going to rain.



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techno-terminator wrote:
I'm told that Princes Street will be re-opened to traffic this weekend - so that should help .

Princes Street is pathetic, it only has shops on one side.
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gartmore wrote:
techno-terminator wrote:
I'm told that Princes Street will be re-opened to traffic this weekend - so that should help .

Princes Street is pathetic, it only has shops on one side.

Are you lot still jealous that we got Harvey Nicholas! After all, you do have three Primarks!
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