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Link Posted 29/05/2010 - 12:50
Hello all I hope you are all well and out and about with your pentax cameraís this bank holiday.
I have one small question and hopefully an easy answer. I have a friend with a coffee cup stain on a photograph that she wants me to remove. To remove is very easy but the problem I have is this it was a scanned into my computer first at 300 resolutions and when I first printed it after the repair the image colours/pixels looked like the tide markings on the sand as the sea retreats, I think thatís a correct description of the printed affect after printing.
So after the first print of I thought it was because there was not or should I say, I increased the resolutionís from 300 to 600 and printed the image again still the same affect on the reprinted image so Iíve now sharpened it and reprinted it but the marking from light to tan skin still looks like the sea retreating. I am using Photoshop cs3 and the original image is printed on glossy paper .
Iím at a loss, I donít know how to fix this and Iím sure there is a easy fix for this.

Please please enlighten me



Link Posted 30/05/2010 - 16:14
sorry matt I personally don't scan images in fact I don't own a scanner so i can't help you but I'm sure some one will be able to help.

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Is this a colour or black and white image?

If black and white then a colour filter the same colour as the stain will remove it.

If colour, try looking at the individual colour channels in Photoshop. In RGB mode look in turn at the red green and blue channels to see if the colour of the stain disappears with one of them. If no luck, then convert to CMYK and look at the complementary cyan, magenta and yellow channels.

If a channel does the trick save it, discarding the others, and you'll have a stain free black and white image.
Best regards, John
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