Santina and the K-1


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Local group from Meet-Up had a photo shoot with a girl on Friday.
So two hours after receiving it, the K-1 was out and about with the FA*85 and FA 77. Didn't even have time to check lens micro AF adjustment with the body!
Light was pretty harsh,, highlights were a bit of a problem at times. The large viewfinder and smart control wheel (set for +- exp comp) were a joy to use.

IMGP0008-1 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr

IMGP0055-Edit-1 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr

IMGP0360-Edit-1 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr

IMGP0359-Edit-1 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr
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Congrats on getting your first set with the K1! I know it was a bit of a last minute rush, but that's the advantage of sticking to the brand and camera type you know .... It's a breeze to get up and running when you need to!

You had difficult conditions there, not ideal for the subject, but you've coped well.. I'm not going to pretend that there's anything really significant to say IQ wise re the new sensor ..... The main thing is that it's all working, you clearly enjoyed the new features like the viewfinder and handling benefits, and all those things are very important in supporting good picture taking, regardless of the sensor.

I've read mostly very positive feedback from the early adopters so far, so that's really good news!
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Excellent shots....picture three has the strongest resonance for me (the framing and highlights)....its a shame she is already your wife (ah ha ha)


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Thanks guys. I happen to like #3 the most too.
I know i've just bought the K-1 so bound to be mostly positive about it.
The viewfinder is just so large and bright - really a big help for me. I wear glasses and have been told i'll soon need varifocals. It was much easier to see what I was composing with the K-1 than my K-3.
Having the smart wheel made adjusting exposure an absolute breeze and on this shoot I was doing so a lot!


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Very nice shots and although it doesn't matter too much on female portraits they all look front focused to me, which is probably because you haven't had time to adjust the camera.

The K-1 and FA*85 can produce magic ........
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Nice photos but how many others was interested in your k1


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There were ten shooting the girl, all too busy to take notice of me and the K-1.
My first time out with them, so I only knew one person there - my friend Walter (D750 owner).


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IMGP0360-1 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr

IMGP0364-1 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr

IMGP0290-1 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr

IMGP0294-Edit-1 by Phil Morgan, on Flickr


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A lovely set and so impressive that you were able to use the camera as well as you did after so little time. I'm glad you're pleased with it and that it works effectively. It's an important camera for the company and needs to be successful.

As Nigel suggests, we are unlikely to see any great leap in image quality on our computer screens, when even, say, MX-1 photographs look good, but that's not the point, I know.
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Lovely. No.4 from the first set is stunning. Great camera in capable hands. Awesomely done
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Must be nice to have lenses like the 85mm working as intended. Nice images too. I'm looking forward to trying my 28mm shift on FF digital. I might not have to cut off the tops of the spires of the Abbaye aux Hommes! (I slightly regret taking my Spotmatic as my film option instead of a K-mount camera.)

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Very nice, the right photoshoot.


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Accomplished set
Gradually learning the art of polishing turds

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