Samyang T-S 24mm F3.5 ED AS UMC Tilt/Shift


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Ok, Samyang 24mm TS just arrived from SRS so here are first impressions. The vertical shift is just slightly inhibited on the K1 by the overhang but I don't think it is too big a deal. An engineer might be able to chamfer the edge on the lens mechanism but not me. On the K50 there is enough space for it to move unrestricted. What I hadn't known is that both the tilt and shift mechanisms can be rotated up to 90 degrees independently, enabling both movements to be used in portrait and landscape modes; in portrait mode there is no restriction on the amount of movement but the shift adjustment button is very close to the camera overhang, so turning it is awkward. Two tiny separate levers release the tilt and shift mechanisms to rotate and according to the instructions you pull these levers to release the catch, after a broken nail and some swearing I realised that you just press these levers towards the camera body.

The tilt and shift movements do not feel high precision but solid enough, the knobs are small and fiddly and winding the shift upwards requires a bit of effort with the weight of the lens and in portrait mode the knob is so close to the K1 overhang that you cannot get a decent grip. I got over this by turning with one hand and gently helping lift with the other. However playing round I can see the benefits of the shift keeping everything straight so I am looking forward to a proper outing.

I found that in the camera menu you need to go to C4 - 26 "using aperture ring" and unlock the setting for "A" or nothing works. Exposures work in aperture priority and manual with the green button getting accurate readings, the focus assist works both through the viewfinder and rear screen but in the viewfinder the only option is a central focal spot. You need to focus after making all the adjustments and according to the instructions the depth of field scale cannot be relied upon except when both T&S are set to zero but that's the nature of these lenses.

Bonus is the 82mm filter thread which is the same as on the DFA 24-70mm.


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I know you are all dying to see some results so I braved the arctic weather to try a few at a nearby church. These have just had the usual tweaking in Lightroom - clarity, shadow lightening, etc but no perspective correction nor CA correction. A couple aren't as sharp as they could be but that is down to my manual focusing.

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Nice one Rob, looking forward to getting more feedback and images from the lens


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Ok, a couple more for HarisF1. This time to demonstrate the tilt function, and taken this time in good light and in the comfort of my home. I have found turning off focus peaking in live view gives much better results not just with this lens but generally, so these were both on a tripod and remote release at f11, 0.5" and iso100. Very close to the subject, and closer than the distance scale on the lens indicated so I have decided to ignore that in future. I wasn't at the closest setting so scope for close-up photography although you have to be careful not to brush the lens against the subject! So, here's the first one with the tilt in normal position:

And tilted downwards -8:

You can see how the depth of field is increased with the tilt, and also I am really pleased with how sharp these have turned out, and I cannot detect any CA either so feeling much happier.


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And here is the last one cropped you can see how sharp this lens is:


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Excellent, more than just a gimmick then Will be keeping a close eye on prices for it!

Thanks Rob


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Inspired by the fantastic watch macros on another thread I decided to have a go. Thought my watch was pristine until I saw these close-ups!

Both with the TS lens at full tilt, the latter involved a Heath Robinson arrangement involving a kitchen spatula, a flash in a bag counterweight and a box. Mounted on a Manfrotto Pixie and with a remote cable.


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Thanks for these Rob. I have been wondering whether to get one of these for a while, not so much for architecture but for recording my model making projects, where the ability to increase the depth of field at close distance could be very useful. Your watch photos are impressive.
Regards, Philip


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I have cleaned the watch up and had another go at the face:

I have to say the sharpness of this lens is astounding, and zooming in on the computer it picks up every microscopic flaw. I did have another at a more oblique angle to illustrate the depth of field but some tiny hairs and an annoying highlight spoiled it. The lighting is really tricky on this subject, not helped by the lens being so close which can cause a shadow and blocks the effect of a reflector. I ended up shining a halogen desk lamp on a white wall behind. Manual focus on the K1 live view zoomed in is pretty easy when mounted on a tripod.


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Thank you for your article and informations.
Best Regards,
Miskolc fotós


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Have you tilted it the other way to make the world look like a model? Good fun...
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I've ordered mine. I'll do a comparison with the K28 Shift when I get a chance.
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