Samyang 35 & Voigtlander 90, on hike 1-1-16


Link Posted 02/01/2016 - 04:19

I started the hike with the Samyang 35mm. I liked the 85mm Samyang, but I may like the 35mm better, at least in terms if IQ -- definitely not in terms of weight. When I switched over to the Voigtlander 90 and put the Samyang in my camera hip bag it was so heavy and uncomfortable that I stopped and transferred it to my knapsack -- where it was also uncomfortable until I stopped again and stuffed a sweater between it and my back.

The previous time with the Voigtlander 90, I had trouble getting a good focus, but I paid attention this time and had very little trouble.

In editing I noticed that there was no softness in any corner of any photo. I took a bunch of shots of the mountains with both lenses and got very good clarity (IMHO). With the Voigtlander I took some shots of distant buildings and a dairy. The clarity dropped off but I think that was a function of atmospheric haze.

The Voigtlander is very comparable to the Pentax LTDs in size, albeit heavier, but not so heavy that I had a problem or complaint.

I checked eBay to see if there were other Voigtlander's I might add to my MF collection and saw a 180mm which the seller wanted $1,2131.23 for. I would have to want this lens more than I do to pay that much.

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