Samsung and Pentax used same body, can lens be transferred to a latest Pentax camera?


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When I bought my Samsung GX1L many years ago, I was told that it used the same body as a Pentax. I am now looking for a new camera and wondered if I could use my existing lens with the latest Pentax cameras. ANy thoughts out there?


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Yes they should work fine, depending on whether you are thinking full frame or crop.
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Hi Michael.

IIRC the GX-1L was a clone of the Pentax *ist DL2, and I guess you have a version of the 18-55SA. That will work great on any Pentax camera, but in crop mode only on the K-1 or K-mount film camera.

The only thing is that the Samsung SAs weren't weather resistant, like the later Pentax 18-55s (not sure if 18-55 is currently offered), so I would suggest getting a later WR lens which is probably better optically too.
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Ive used my Samsung Xenon 100mm macro on K20D, K5, K3 and K1 for many years!
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My Samsung Xenon fisheye zoom works fine on the K3. K5 and the K10.
As far as I know the Samsung Xenon lenses were identical to the Pentax lenses of the same age. There was a suggestion that the coatings may have been different but i'm happy with my fisheye zoom anyway.

All the best, Bob.


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Just an update, based on the feedback I took the plunge and bought a new Pentax body. All my old lenses are working fine. Thanks for the feedback.
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