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It has been good to see Paulyrichard's pictures and experiences with the new Ricoh GR. It looks very gucci and is getting some excellent reviews; it has certainly piqued my interest. I saw this hands-on review on Steve Huff's page and thought others on here might be interested. Very complimentary as well:


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"Glad they took the step to APS-C that's where everyone's going!"

APS-C is the future!

BIG MISTAKE not to put the name on the front of the camera
I don't think Pentax-Ricoh want anyone to know about them
I can't imagine Leica bringing a camera out without their

Perhaps they will also drop the Pentax name off SLR's

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Algernon wrote:
APS-C is the future!

Aye, those 645D owners must be well sick.

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The name hasn't been on the front of the camera in any of its iterations. The understatement and discretion of the camera are in its DNA and it is wise to keep it that way. Its a completely different beast to an slr, its a camera for people who reckon they know a thing or two about photography and it will sell like hot cakes. If I were a street photographer I'd want just a little black box, no writing.
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I would have thought they would want to move forward,
rather than just sell to a few people.

I remember Ford bringing out cars with no name based
on (I think) the Scorpio ........... seem to remember
that being the end of the line for that range. People
saw them on the road, but had no idea what they were

The Mondeo was the biggest they sold after that.

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OMG, Mat! What a coincidence! I was just about to post this up too having just noticed it this morning. It hasn't been up for long...
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You don't move forward by alienating your existing market. This will appeal to a lot of people who haven't owned one before. A Ford scorpio it isn't.
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Hi, there is no doubt this is a fantastic camera. I have had a GX100 since it first came out and it's going strong and I have no plans to move onto another compact. The new GR would tempt me if I was in the market to buy but I have a couple of simple questions regarding the GR.

What are the benefits of having a fixed focal length? Wouldn't a zoom give this camera more scope?

And secondly. This might also apply to other compacts. Why an optional viewfinder? Why not include a viewfinder with the camera and then the buyer would have the choice of using the viewfinder or not? I can't help thinking it is just a money making exercise!



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Hi Deryn - I suppose the benefits of a fixed focal length are size, speed and lens sharpness... the sort of reasons you might want to use a prime lens. The Ricoh GR series have always been fixed focal length and many photographers seem to like that sort of simplicity. It's become a bit of a cult camera for street photographers.

As for the viewfinder, making it optional means you don't need to have it if you want to avoid the additional size and expense.


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The MX-1 doesn't have the name on the camera either, not that the GRs ever did. As a GR1s owner I was interested in the new GR, it looks very similar (not sure about the sizes though - although they seem to b close going off the dimensions). Having a film & digital versions looking very similar (i.e. with no manufacturer name on the front) would be very appealing.

In the end I went for an MX-1, I realised I'd want the whole kit (GR, 21/28 finder, 21 adapter etc...) as I really wished I'd bought the GR1s filter adapter at the time. The total price is then very high, although in hindsight after the MX-1 I may re-think the finder.

As I found with the GR1s, unless you are into wide lenses, a fixed 28mm can get a bit samey after a while.

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Doesn't the GR have a setting to crop the shots to 35mm FOV.

Nikon and Canon didn't get where they are today by not having
their names on the cameras + on the lens + on the strap
That's what people pay for these days 'the name!' Most designer
gear has the label and name on the outside not the inside...
Ricoh seem quite happy staying small

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A fixed wide angle lens compact is designed for those who think about photography not labels.

The GR series are primarily street photography tools and pink Gucci superzooms aren't what you want in the favelas.

This has more than enough appeal to be profitable. The wider, fashion conscious market is for targeting with different products. The Q, for example.
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Yep for the initiated, and people who have read the reviews and understand this camera, the subtle GR branding is a plus. Whereas for noobs, anything other than Canon or Nikon on the front would probably be a deterrent to purchasing, unfortunately.


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You would make a great camera salesman Will....
Telling the customer that they will have to go away and
read some reviews in mags like "What Digital StreetCamera"

There is a market for cameras like this.... just look at how
much Konica Hexar's go for on Ebay...... the company disappeared
but that's just a minor problem of being in a niche market

I'll wait until they bring out a LIMITED EDITION Bright Yellow or
Blue version by a famous/infamous Designer/Artist of which only
1,000 will be available worldwide and they finish up being
dumped by SRS at £129 a pop.... just like they did last time

Nothing new under the Ricoh Sun


It's still advertised on the Ricoh site (from 7 years ago)
Talk about living in the past.

Looking at the strap they must regard GRDigital
as a separate brand.... so they are marketing
3 brands of cameras?

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Yep, Algi, all those hip street shooting cameras have very sober, 'stealthy' bodies, which is exactly the look Ricoh are going for. Have a look at the latest Fuji cameras. They actually don't have any logos AT ALL on the front of the camera. These are enthusiasts cameras for enthusiasts who know what they want, not people looking for a P&S.

I'm glad Ricoh have kept with the consistent styling of the GR range, and made the thing blacker than Hotblack Desiato's spaceship.

I mean it's so black! You can hardly even make out its shape. Light just falls into it.
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