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Ricoh GR First Impressions

Posted 15/07/2013 - 08:51 Link
My GR arrived Friday.

First impressions are
- It is very quick to use. I was 'snapping' at a number of end of term events and found it a joy to use.
- The screen is superb
- It is exceedingly sharp
- High ISO performace is excellent. I cant see myself using the flash for anything other than fill-in
- Once you turn of the electronic noises, it is very quiet
- It is a bit 'brick' like but feels solid and comfortable in the hand.

Minor gripes
- Flare resistance is not great.
- While the exposure compensation rocker is nicely placed for use, it requires quite a light touch and so is rather easy to operate accidentally.
- Not including a battery charger is a bit stingy, and the price of the optional one (£39.99) is ridiculous. I'll be looking for a third party one!
- The filter adaptor and hood kit - given it is just a couple of bits of plastic - is also rather overpriced. I may try and devise something.
- The English translation in the manual is not great (but at least we get a manual!)

The GC-5 leather case which is designed to go on a belt is a useful addition, and therefore I would recommend paying the extra £25 for that and a 16mb SD card that SRS are offering.

Conclusion - an arguably unbeatable 'street' camera, and probably a great 'party' camera also
Tony Milner
Super A, ME Super, MZ6, K5II, Ricoh GR & lenses from 8-500mm
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Posted 16/07/2013 - 16:55 Link
I recommend a universal charger that can also charge most other devices. A bit fiddly to use but the only one I take on holiday for Blackberry, camera, wireless speakers etc.

There should be a Chinese version of the filter adaptor and hood kit, for much less £ - I use something similar for my GXR.
Posted 16/07/2013 - 18:50 Link
I don't think there is anything alternative coming out of china for the GR as yet.
As for a battery charger, I already have a couple of third party ones which are cheap and work fine...As for the DB-65 battery and it's price of £40, that is something i'm happy paying because I wouldn't mess around with or trust any other third party battery for obvious reasons...

I currently own two DB-65's because of the sole minor gripe I have with this camera, which is it's battery usage. What with this camera being an excellent tool for the 'street', i'm even considering buying another one so that i'm sure not to run out and not miss anything happening...
"Ifamericatoldthetruthforjustonedayitswholeworldwouldfallapart "
"All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice." - Elliott Erwitt
Posted 16/07/2013 - 18:52 Link
In that context, the GR really should be supplied with a battery charger.
Best regards, John
Posted 16/07/2013 - 19:04 Link
It's a shame they dispensed with the GRD series ability to take AAA's.
Posted 16/07/2013 - 19:09 Link
I couldn't disagree more. Messing around with AA and AAA batteries compared to a single Lithium battery pack is operationally no contest IMHO.
Best regards, John
Posted 16/07/2013 - 20:56 Link
But you don't have to mess around with them if you don't want to. It's a useful option for those that do, plus it's a zero marginal cost for those that use rechargeables for other things anyway, which is probably why they dispensed with it.
Posted 30/07/2013 - 10:43 Link
AA batteries can be got easily anywhere in the world at virtually any time of day. Has to be the best true emergency power backup, although of course Li batteries are far nicer
Posted 02/08/2013 - 14:56 Link
I have the camera plus the hood adaptor and wide angle lens and very pleased with them. No gripes with the camera or its performance and happy to recommend it but would have been nice with a shoulder strap!!
Posted 02/08/2013 - 15:08 Link
I could sell you a Ricoh shoulder strap. Ask if you would like a picture.
Posted 02/08/2013 - 15:13 Link
Indeed, there's a wrist strap but no shoulder strap.

Most important though, I would have welcomed a proper charger rather than a power adapter.
Best regards, John

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