Ricoh Announces Major restructure of Imaging Business...


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If you like Marzipan - GO TO LUEBECK and order a Nuesstorte from the Niederegger Cafe on Breiterstrasse.


but the date seems the same every year, 1st April. It may be that the connotations of that date mean nothing to the Japanese.

Just reminded me John.... I worked for a Japanese pharmaceutical company from 2003-2009 (hence my trips to Japan) and April 1st is indeed a significant date. Typically when someone starts a new role, it is on April 1st - I remember the date well as I was introduced to a colleague who then came to a secondment to Holland to work with me, and thanks to him he found a very good dealer in the Nakoya district of Tokyo where I could buy a new SMC FA Limited 77mm 1.8, honestly when I went in the shop it was if I was in heaven, much like a cat when it sees a cardboard box - all the Pentax lenses you could ever want.
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Link Posted 24/01/2022 - 21:51
Mike-P wrote:

The announcement made by Ricoh Imaging Co., Ltd. on January 20, 2022 regarding a revamped approach to Ricoh’s digital camera manufacturing and distribution was specific to the local market in Japan only. “Ricoh/Pentax will not change its distribution structure in North America, and the company has significant plans and goals for the North America market this year that will utilize mass production of its products,” said Kazumichi Eguchi, President, Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation. “Customers in North America can continue to purchase Ricoh and Pentax cameras through our authorized dealers and directly via our website:

Guessing that applies to EU/UK as well.

Oh dear. So I won't be able to order a green and pink striped K3iii with flippy screen, 26 programmable user-modes, 56K video, 3 interchangeable sensors and hand-carved by artisans out of a single block of hardwood from a sustainable forest.

I'll just have to make do with a marzipan pineapple slice... no, make that two .

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