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Just letting everyone know to be wary of Simply Electronics and to do a search on the web before purchasing anything from them.

I purchased something on the 25th November. Was promised a dispatch time of 2-3 working days, and (up to) 10 working days for the shipping to arrive at my door step.

Day 15 and the item was still not dispatched!

Contacted their customer service on a Monday and they advised me that they'll upgrade me to "Priority Dispatch" and that I should receive my item within 2-3 working days.

Dropped them an email on a Friday and nothing. It wasn't until yesterday Monday that they emailed me back saying that the batch of goods they had was damaged (a very common reason around the web) so they are now trying to source it elsewhere... The very same day they raised stock of the item from 4 to 16!!!

Tomorrow is Wednesday and status of my order is still Pending Priority Dispatch.

Many people have been lucky dealing with them, but the amount of unhappy people is a bit too much. So order with them if you're happy with the caveats.

They do have a DA 40 2.8 priced just about right.

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Camera bag:
Good canvas products except the delivery.


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Another vote for SRS Microsystems - excellent place to deal with.

If you want filter kits, reversing rings, T mounts etc have a look at this place -



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Great people to deal with and good prices on filters. Very fast delivery.


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Just bought a K5 lls body from Park Cameras. Fast delivery, friendly and efficient service. A bit surprised that, as a Pentax Pro dealer, they would not do part exchange on a Pentax K3 body. They would have taken other brands however.
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Bit poor form for a pro dealer, something I think Pentax UK really needs to address, and subsidise the dealers if necessary if they want to be take seriously as a brand.


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Not a recommendation for kit as such (I don't think they stock Pentax) but for sensor cleaning. If you are in East London/Essex/Kent T&B photographic in Romford offer the service for 30 APS-C. The lady was apologising for not being able to offer the usual "same day" service but I could collect tomorrow! Have put the camera through some long exposures - no more specs or splodges.


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Hi Guys,

New here, but thought I would add a local shop / online store. Shackleton Cameras offer a range of accessories and this lens was the cheapest on the web when I bought it. link. I think it works great myself!


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What would you suggest for a photography "starting kit" for taking pictures of nature, sightseeing, etc?


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smile_j wrote:
What would you suggest for a photography "starting kit" for taking pictures of nature, sightseeing, etc?

Given that's a very different topic to the rest of this thread why not start a new one for that? It could end up being another long thread! I'll pass making an answer in this one given its seriously off topic and wait for that thread to appear.
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Solved my problem regarding buying equipment. Thanks for creating this thread.


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Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know alot
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