Recommended Pentax repairers in the UK?


Link Posted 07/01/2013 - 23:48
Suely 'expensive' is a relative term.

'If' the camera is worth repairing it's worth doing properly. This requires a degree of skill which doesn't happen over night.

Cars are 'repaired' by 'expert' mechanics for rarely less than 50 per hour. Try calling out a plumber or gas fitter and see what your bill will be (a neighbour recently happily paid 75 to have a 5p washer changed in her cistern - not on emergency call out either.

Another option is to ship your camera to me, I'll have a fiddle with it for a while (afterall it's better to take someone elses camera apart and I might learn how to repair mine in the process). I'll then ship it back advising that it is uneconomical to repair and not charge you very much at all - how's that

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