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Re-housing Vintage lenses.

Posted 07/03/2024 - 09:34 Link
An interesting trend amongst the videographer and film making fraternity is in the increased use of vintage lens and in particular, the rehousing of those vintage lenses by specialist companies for use on modern systems. Below is a link to a fascinating video of one such company which highlights the level of expertise and passion which goes into the detail, engineering and technical skill of the rehousing of these extremely expensive old new lenses.

Whether you are interested in video work or not, In watching this video I doubt you will fail to be both engrossed and enlightened in the process.
C.O.L.B.A.S victim
(Compulsive Obsessive Lens Buying Addiction Syndrome)

What you need are lenses, more lenses, bigger lenses, better lenses, faster lenses, vintage lenses and when you have these, your pictures will be perfect!
Posted 07/03/2024 - 10:02 Link
Brilliant vid, thanks for sharing.
All the gear with no idea
Posted 07/03/2024 - 12:49 Link
A tad impressed.

Best regards
Inspiration is rarer than a plate glass camera.....
Posted 07/03/2024 - 22:25 Link
A very interesting subject. I've started watching it and will finish this weekend.

If I start talking about "re-housing" vintage lenses, I suspect Mrs LTL will not be impressed: she thinks I've "re-housed" too many vintage lenses already..!

Getting older and grumpier. Taking longer to decide which lens to use today.

K5 with auto-everything lenses
A collection of manual primes to keep me in touch with the pleasures of doing it old-school.

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