R you happier with your camera then your rivals?


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I know there have been a few problems with the K-r front focussing, and the stains on the K5 sensor, but are most people happy with their choice of cams?. Why do I ask?

Well yesterday I found by accident your "rival" forum. Flipping heck, it seems just about everybody is moaning, winging, whining about their cameras, if it's not one thing it's another, FF, Stains, Blur, Poor battery life, poor OVF, dim OVF, broken dials, broken sdm(?). In almost every post poeple are complaining - often the same persons, but others always join in.
Someone started a thread I think called "Was it you who killed Pentax?" in which he/she makes the point all the complaining just puts new buyers off and creates negative publicity and even makes people look for the faults. He points out Canon and Nikon and Olympus have their problems too.
He got shot down being told Pentax should have got things right in the first place, or they shouldnt have released it, and if they dont complain Pentax will just get away with poor cameras, it's their right to complain loudly. Theres pages of tests, retest, shoots etc to "prove" their camera has a fault.

Whilst there are some faults on here most seem happy. Are you? or are Pentax that bad?
Cos it has certainly made me rethink my future plans about buying into Pentax. Gosh it was depressing.



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Everything in life has faults from time to time and Pentax is no exception. However, faults are rare and the quality is generally very high.

I don't know why any particular forum has an excess of people moaning, but we seem to get on with the photography here and perhaps things are more in proportion with the reality.
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Didn't know there was a rival forum but now you've described it I don't want to go there anyway.

I'm very happy with my K-x, in the week that I've had it, anyway.
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I think there's a slightly more level-headed approach to faults here than elsewhere. Every brand makes mistakes, what counts is how they respond to them. Pentax have recognised the sensor marks problem on K-5s and are offering a repair service to everyone suffering from it, by most accounts they're also pretty good at dealing with SDM motor failures (which seem to have been a problem with earlier designs rather than more recent ones).

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you might want to check forums on the other brands....
I'm sure they got thier share of problems and moaners as well.
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My K-5 had quite bad staining, they replaced it and I'm happy. (not so much with the retailer that sold it to me though).
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:I have recently purchased the pentax k5 and so far I am very happy with it, I don't have anything to compare it to though so I can't say canon or nikon are better or worse. For me the camera is not always the problem sometimes it is the person using it.


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Good afternoon all, I have been lurking for a couple of weeks, nice forum chaps.
Forgive my first post being on this topic ( I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw it quoted on here a few mins ago), but ironically it was actually me who started that thread on the other forum. It was called "Are you the one who killed Pentax?" and the reason I started it was precisely for the reasons you (Pete) have stated. It really has become depressingly boring and off putting constantly reading about faults and having almost every thread hijacked by someone asking if they too had the problems, or to test your new camera to make sure it isn't faulty. I felt it was putting off new buyers from the Pentax scene.

I also belong to another non brand specific forum which is far more about actuall photography, and it's great, no bickering about brands (yeah, ok, a bit of leg pulling goes on), just great advice and freindly people, and thats what I was looking for on the "other forum".
However, it now looks like this might become my home instead! as you lot seem much happier and freindlier.

By the way Pete, I see you have a superzoom, I too want to upgrade from a Bridgecam - a fuji s100fs which I love, but I now want more out of it. So we have more than just one thing in common!
Sorry should have added I was about to buy a K-r at beginning of Jan, but lost my job, so it will have to wait a couple of months, until I can get a job again first.

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Come on in, woody, the water's warm!
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Well I am more than happy with my Pentax kit. I have been buying and using Pentax gear for over 30 years now and none of it has ever let me down or even needed repairing (granted I don't use my stuff as much as some of the folks on here). I have also tried Olympus and Sony but they broke. I've not felt the urge to try Canon or Nikon. The only issue I have with the K5 is over exposure when using flash, but I'm sure a fix will be issued for that soon. In the meantime I just compensate for it.
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darkskies wrote:
Come on in, woody, the water's warm!

Ummn maybe where you're standing, I'm in the no peeing section..
kidding of course...

yes around here there is plenty of good photography and equipment tips mixed in with lotz of humor, and friendly people.
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.


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What always baffles me is when certain forums decide that a lens is soft (for example). Their members will then say this to everyone even when presented with images proving otherwise!

I don't really know how to respond to being told images aren't sharp when you've just blown them up enough to be able to read lettering which was a millimetre tall at a distance of a couple of metres from the camera...

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I currently shoot a K200d, it's a couple of years old and has performed superbly.

My previous body, a K110d is still in use as well.

I'd say I'm happy with my cameras, that Pentax produce good (excellent?) cameras and I have no intention of jumping brands.

But I'm not a pro' 'tog' so...
Cheers, HG

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My K5 had stains as well. In fact it still has them I will get it changed once the retailer has more stock (that should tell you something right there) but in the meantime I'm using it every day and am very happy with it. Best camera I've ever owned in fact!
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Thing is with a lot of forums, peope only go there when there is a problem.
I see a lot of that on a car forum I moderate. To the casual observer you really wouldn't want that model as it is totally unreliable. It isn't, just the posts skew the perception!
Getting there! Thanks to you guys

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