"Snap!?".... What the @!%&$# was I thinking?


Link Posted 18/04/2006 - 06:53
I can't believe I chose "Snap" as my useres name for this forum. I guess I was a tad drunk or something when I first signed on the forum over a month ago that night. I was excited about getting my old Pentax gear back from my sister who's halfway across the country from me and wanted to share the joy. Well, I still haven't recieved my camera and totally forgotten about signing on with this form untill I saw it sitting there towards the bottom of my favorites list a little while ago.
Snap! Took me about 20 minutes to recall what name I was under. I hang out on other forums but always stuck with DanG as my users name.
Maybe I just got lucky or something that night. Feeling a little silly perhaps.
"Hey Snap! Say hi to Crackle and Pop!LOL LOL LOL

I had to hawk my gear to my sister about 15 years ago. A super program with a fast 50mm, A large and standard zoom. And my pride and joy, the 24-50mm Pentax zoom. And the flash, filters ect ect ect
Then about a month or so ago I just asked her if I could get it back. And she says "Sure. I never use it and besides.....I have a nice digtal now. "
And then she adds, "Film is a dead medium Danny."
So here I am. Still no camera and stuck with "Snap".
So anyway, can we post pictures on this form? I don't see a "browse" button down there.
Wow! I just noticed I have posted here before! I was drunk!


Link Posted 18/04/2006 - 13:33
Hi DanG,

you can post photo's, but they need to be hosted externally, either on your website, or with Flickr or similar. Then you just wrap the URL of the image in the {img}...{/img} tags (change curly brackets for square ones).

As far as your name goes, you should be able to change it by asking John or Matt (the moderators, you can PM them by clicking on their names from the front page of the board) very nicely.



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