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Link Posted 14/02/2004 - 16:30
Hi all,

I have a somewhat unusual question.

Can anybody supply me with an *istD .pef file which is smaller than 5Mb. I am using a neat little package called "XnView DeLuxe" which does not read Pentax RAW files yet. I have been in touch with the authors and they have asked me to send a sample file. However their email system does not allow attachments larger than 5Mb hence the need for the file.

I don't know if Vuescan Professional can help here - I haven't purchased it yet. However, users of Vuescan Professional (Matt???), can Vuescan Pro crop an area from an original .pef file and save the selection as a RAW file whilst preserving the .pef "characteristics"?

XnView is quite a handy little app. For anybody who doesn't have such a facility it is a file viewing/archiving/ retouching/slideshow utility. Now as regards "manipulating" it ain't no Photoshop but the archiving feature is quite handy - plenty of different fields etc for archiving information and only costs 40 Euro. (It also reads Canon RAW files - I don't know what others it might read) You can get a freeware version, and buy if desired, at the address below.

If this request cannot be fulfilled, can anybody think of another solution - other than sending a file by snail-mail?


Regards to all


Link Posted 14/02/2004 - 20:44

You can't get a PEF file of 5Mb
None of the RAW file applications will save in PEF format, only read
The only other way is to place a full PEF file on a website, then they can download it from there.

The C code for handling PEF files is contained in the dcRAW package. That's freely downloadable, and indeed forms the basis for the Adobe RAW support plugin. Though, the new Photoshop CS plugin has absolutely wonderful control over raw files, it's such a dream to use

Now, here's a suggestion - ask the XnView team if dcRAW is sufficient. If not, I think I could arrange to get a PEF file up on my website temporarily for them to download.

VueScan can process the PEF files and turn them into JPG or TIFF files. However, the colour is not calibrated. (Photoshop CS does a great job though.)

Hope that helps,

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