*quite rare* SMC-M 28mm f/2 lens (EU region)


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Hi all! (new here) Decided to test some international sale, instead of always selling just inside Finland..

For sale is a rare M-series Pentax lens, 28mm f/2. A nice "normal" prime on digital, about 43mm equiv.fov. Note: this isn't the Zeiss co-designed lens. http://www.pentaxforums.com/lensreviews/SMC-Pentax-M-28mm-F2-Lens.html

Item is in good, used condition. Lenses are good, no scratches. Some paint wear, but no dings or dents. Aperture operates swiftly. See pictures. Sale includes both caps (Hama front cap), UV protection filter (quite old one too) and the original lens case (worn, but ok for use). The lens is in full original condition, i.e. nobody has tried to open it themselves and thus it also has some dust in it (as usual).

Looking for 180 or 210 (negotiable). Price includes shipping & PayPal fees in EU region, which is about 20 as registered letter.

Payment with PayPal only and shipping to Europe region only. I'm willing to accept returns, but buyer pays shipping costs both ways.

contact via PM or jaeaetee (at) gmail (dot) com. Fof reference, here's my Ebay feedback (buyer only, so far) http://feedback.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=jaeae555&ftab=AllF...


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For those who are not familiar with this lens: it is magnificent in terms of sharpness. In my experience, it's the sharpest of the Pentax 28s I have had (and that includes the 'Hollywood' Distagon 28/2.0 next to K28/2.8, A28/2.8 and F28/2.8 ).

For a more objective assessment, see Yoshihiko Takinami's lens resolution tests: http://www.takinami.com/yoshihiko/photo/lens_test/pentax_28-30.html

For the relationship between the 'Hollywood' Distagon and this 28/2.0, see http://www.marcocavina.com/articoli_fotografici/Pentax_28_2_M/00_pag.html.
(This article in Italian, but there is a chart at the end of the text that explains a lot.)

If this is a good exemplar, 210 euro is a bargain for the quality you'll get. To be seriously considered...
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Pm sent
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pm answered and payment pending


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I had one of these and i sold it. HUGE MISTAKE!!


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geordie01 wrote:
I had one of these and i sold it. HUGE MISTAKE!!

Good to hear


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I have the 35/2 and it's lovely. My Viv 28/2 is nice too, but lacks something...

I hope the buyers makes good use of this and posts some pics taken with it.
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Jonathan-Mac wrote:
I have the 35/2 and it's lovely. My Viv 28/2 is nice too, but lacks something...

I hope the buyers makes good use of this and posts some pics taken with it.

I had the Viv 24/2 which was soft wide open and lacked the colour of Pentax lenses. Will post some pics of/with the lens.


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*Payment received and sending lens*

I was looking something wider and maybe a fast lens, so tried this.. just not my "cup of tea", I hope the new owner will need it more

This 24-28mm range is really just something Pentax currently has no fast AF lens offerings right now. There's the 24mm f/2, but it's not easy to get for a reasonable price.. and it's corner sharpness isn't that good. And compact size would be nice too.. maybe a new 24mm f/2..2.5 "limited" AF lens should come.


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Fast, wide and cheap do not go together at Pentax at the moment. The new 18-35 1.8 Sigma looks promising. Otherwise, the older Sigma 28/1.8 might do the trick, but is mf and hard to find.


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There's a Sigma AF 20mm f/1.8 for Pentax on ebay at
present. It's been through once already and didn't
attract a single bid with an SP of 230

I've no idea what sort of results it produces.

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