Q 08 lens for the Pentax Q7 - worth the upgrade from the Q 02 ?


Link Posted 08/01/2020 - 13:50
Although long since discontinued, I still use my trusty Pentax Q7 for a lot of my cycle tour travel photography (although my smart phone does get used more and more often these days).
So, I'd be interested to hear from anyone who took the plunge and invested in the Q 08 lens to know if they felt the upgrade to the Q 02 as very worthwhile - and would they make that same choice to invest in the Q 08 today ?
To my surprise, the prices of the Q 08 have never really dropped, despite the demise of the Q series bodies, so, I've so far never been prepared to invest.

(Although I can totally understand their business reasons, I am disappointed that Pentax never continued the Q series - as I'm sure that with current sensor technology a Q size sensor could be quite outstanding).

I'd be interested in peoples thoughts ?


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I've got one and from my experiences it's definitely a special lens. The IQ doesn't have the same compromises that the 02 lens does (distortion/fringing etc) and it really mimics a larger format lens extremely well. The only reason it doesn't get so much use is because the Q system doesn't get so much use. If I was to take the system out on a trip then it'd definitely be used a lot compared to the 02 lens.

In terms of priority, for me it'd probably be 01 > 08 > 06 > 02. The 01 because it's such a usable focal length with decent speed and it looks great with the monochrome bold filter. The 08 because it's the main 'pro-class' lens, then I find that 06 vs 02 depends on subject. The telephoto zoom is another extremely good lens which pretty much outresolves the Q sensor.
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I'm using my 06 as my "Single in January" lens on the US fora and am finding it excellent. I keep looking at the 08 but it is, as Richard says, still very pricey. The 01 is great too. The 02 is pretty mediocre and if my only experience of the Q series was with that lens, I'd be very disappointed.

It is a shame that the series was discontinued. I guess it fell betwixt and between. It appears to me that camera phones are knocking out everything but fairly top end gear. My Leica (as I like to call my Huawei phone...) has taken some images I'd be pushed to get with my K-3.
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Link Posted 09/01/2020 - 10:16
The only thing that stops me buying an 08 is the price.
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Link Posted 25/01/2020 - 12:31
I bought a brand new one from a seller in Japan via ebay. Expensive, plus import duties, tax, etc. Just about worth it though as it's an excellent lens.
Last I heard the Pentax Q line hadn't been officially discontinued, even if all the models have been.
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