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Hi, does anybody have any experience of using this supplier?


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I think you should google this one, Colin!! I seem to recall that any payments sent by cheque/postal order goes to a mailbox registered at an address in Regent Street, London. I believe there's also been similar topics posted on this site about them too.

If it's the same company I'm thinking about, perhaps you should visit a price comparison website to establish who's selling the cheapest bargepoles!

Why dont you see what SRS has to offer?.. Or, if you are looking at buying a camera body only, importing it is free of import duty - you will be liable for the VAT though!

If you're sourcing from the Far East, have a look at Big Camera in Bangkok (, or in HK, one of the largest stores is Tin Cheung Cameras Ltd (

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Check out the first paragraph in their T's & C's here.

Their parent company is in . . . . you guessed it, China.
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