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Hello Iím sorry but I always seem to be asking for advice but this is a whopper

Iíve had an image printed on to acrylic (10mm) and itís arrived just in time for Fathers day.

Now Last Friday I supplied the printing & signage company with a Tiff file of an image I wanted printing and a small sample of the image for colour reference.
Wednesday I had a call from the company saying the following

We are sorry Mr Hodds we have done a test print of your image and we are not happy with it could you please contact us as we need to speak to you about this.

Also you have supplied us with a file that we canít use we can not tweak the colours

Now when I first enquired about this project I did ask what file would you like and can you use tiff. So Wednesday I went down with another Disc and this time I add tiff, psd and a jpeg file out of desperation. So out I went with this time with a full size printed (A3+) image from the fileís on the disk for colour reference.

Both the Tiff and PSD file where 16 bit and the jpg was 8 bit

Any way when I saw the first image I nearly dropped through the floor.

Skin tone where, well lets say they where pumpkin orange. And had no resemblance to any of the files/references I had given them. On leaving the disc I explained the files on the disc and left it in there expert hands. After all they do this for a living.

Well I get the phone call to day your print is ready to be picked up. So down I go and this time itís not as bad BUT, the skin tones are still orange the poor blonde boy in the image hair has lost detail and it looks like they have gamma poisoning, to add insult to injury the mid-tone are muddy.

And theirs more

I asked for a 4 pixel white stroke and even said ď3mm white boarderĒ

The boarder is Grey (off white)

How can I assist the programmer and the printer and is it my fault.

My Fluidr

"To see in colour is a delight for the eye, But to see in black and white is a delight for the soul" ANDRI HERY
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They could probably work best with a 8 bit TIFF or JPEG, in the sRGB colour space. 16 bit is unlikely to be useful on their machines.

I would also suggest resizing to the size you want in Photoshop, at a resolution of 300ppi.

However, that is generalising and they must have some information they can share as to their requirements?
Best regards, John


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John thank you for your reply image was already resized to the image size required and the resolution was set at 300ppi and they requested CMYK so witch was supplied

My Fluidr

"To see in colour is a delight for the eye, But to see in black and white is a delight for the soul" ANDRI HERY


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Fair enough, maybe the 16 bit was the problem?
Best regards, John


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On the basis of their performance so far, I would find an alternative supplier. You seem to have supplied a file to their specifications, but they appear to be unable to produce an acceptable image.
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