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Link Posted 31/10/2016 - 12:57
At the weekend my wife managed to knock my lens (60mm - 250mm) off a shelf about 1.5m high. There is some damage to the lens hood and a little to the thread around the hood so it is now difficult to put on/take off. I have done a couple of tests and it seems ok but I think it has developed a high pitch noise when auto focussing which gets higher the more it auto focusses. I'm not sure what to do, is it worth sending off for someone to look over to see if it needs any repair and does anyone have an idea of what it is likely to cost? Who would be best to use, I live in London so ideally someone fairly central to the city?


Link Posted 31/10/2016 - 13:09
An estimate of the cost is unlikely from the forum as the lens would be needed to be inspected / stripped down,

in terms of a repair / estimate try these guys


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Pramath is a top bloke - he's replaced the SDM on my 16-50 and currently has me FA*28-70 for repair.

Lovely chap to speak with. Free short term parking at the Albany Parade.

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