Possibly Wanted: Pentax AF540FGZ (depending on price)


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Easy now boys, she's trouble that one

The main story is that she's absolutely hammered, and stole some guy's hat for the photo Such is the magic of Walkabout on a Wednesday

Slightly more on topic, I finally got myself a Metz 58 from our favorite Pentax dealership; should have it in my grubby mits in a couple of days time

George Lazarette

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I wondered why she had two hats. There's lots of symbolism in that, too.

Keywords: Charming, polite, and generally agreeable.


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Moved to Flash Photography, doesn't seem to be a Classified Ad.
Best regards, John


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It was originally but not anymore! Thanks for the move

Here's the new unit:

The dual-beam AF assist on the 58 is FANTASTIC; actually covers the centre AF spot unlike the Metz 48. Unfortunately, the tilt mechanism - which is a lot smoother than the 48 - is actually a lot weaker; putting ANY type of diffuser on it causes it to flop down to horizontal, which is a bit of a shame

Still, nothing a bit of careful handling can't fix

The metal flash foot is a godsend as well; I was constantly terrified that the 48 was going to snap off, with the 58 I feel much more relaxed. I'd highly recommend the 58 AF-2 over the AF-1, and the 50 AF-1 over the 48 AF-1.
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