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Hello everyone,

I am not sure should i put this in here, or the lens chat. anyway,

I finally got myself a DA 12-24 f/4 lens for the upcoming field trip. however, i am not sure what type of polariser should i pick up.

my main concern is vignetting, so i guess my question is should i purchase a slim version of a CPL? or would a normal CPL be ok?

so this one?

or this one?

thank you so much for everyone's input.
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To be honest, neither. I'd aim for a higher quality filter than the cheapest Hoyas and yes I would go for a slim filter. The Lenstip website has a good comparative test of polarisers. Balancing quality with cost, I'd recommend Marumi DHG, but they are closer to 50 in 77mm.

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A point to consider , if you have not already done so , is the very obvious varying effect that you will get across the frame when using the DA 12-24 especially at the wide end.

The polarisation is at its greatest when the lens is at 90 degrees to the sun. With such a wide FoV at 12mm, you will significant variation.

That said, if you like the effect, then I would suggest that you consider the Kenko PRO1D Wide Band C-PL(W. It came out very well in the LensTip tests http://tinyurl.com/of76cyj and can be purchased at a good price if you shop you shop around.

Regards - Steve


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The 12-24mm doesn't really lend itself to PL filters for a couple of reasons. The first, as Steve has pointed out, is that you will get different polarisation across the field of view. This causes banding in the sky and looks quite odd sometimes.

The second is that ultra wides have natural vignetting and this can be quite enough without needing to darken skies further.

The third is that filters will reduce quality, especially when the light is hitting a two part PL at angles from the edge of the field. You will need a very expensive PL if you decide to go ahead, if you want to get the best out of your lens.
Best regards, John


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I am on a learning curve with this lens and have noticed the varying effect of a polariser across the frame. I'm embarrassed, the reason seems so obvious now that Steve and John have commented on it.

A Skylight may be more useful than a CPL. I have an image with a massive blue colour cast taken with the lens at several hundred feet altitude on a bright summers day in deep shade. Also blue light from the reflective underside of leaves blown back by the wind.

Best Wishes, Richard


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I use a Hoya Pro1 polariser with my 12-24. I cannot notice any loss of IQ with this filter, it is ultra thin so does not vignette and has a high quality coating. In 77mm size these filters are not cheap, but you get what you pay for and if you search on ebay you may find a brand new one for around the 50 mark.

As pointed out above you do have to watch out for banding in the sky, but these filters are very useful for everyday work where darkening the sky is not a concern, e.g. when you want to maximise colour saturation and reduce reflections on water for example. Very useful for longer exposures on waterfalls, rivers etc. as they reduce exposure by a stop or two.


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