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Pixel shift motion correction - K-3II and DCU5

Posted 16/05/2016 - 22:46 Link
I have been experimenting with pixel shift using the K-3II. When I was developing one of today's photos in the most recent DCU5 v5.5.1, I happened to notice in the EXIF table - 'Pixel shift resolution - On (Motion Correction On)'! Checking back on other PS shots right back to when I got the K-3II in November last year, they all say the same, and the PS icon in DCU5 shows as 'camera setting' - but you can also set it to off or on manually.

So I thought, does this mean that the K-3II has always had motion correction in pixel shift mode as per the new K-1, but it only needed DCU5 to catch up with the release of the K-1, in order to be able to display it? If so then this would make yet another strong case for using DCU5 for pixel shift development. Here's what I found, with an example that I took in April using the 20-40 Limited. These pictures are 100% crops of the same pixel shift DNG in DCU v5.5.1, the new version released along with the K-1. All I did was turn motion correction off in DCU5 and then back on again and take screen captures of both. The output is clear - the new version of DCU5 does apply motion correction to K-3II files! This pretty much makes the K-3II's pixel shift mode as good as the K-1's. So just when software like Lightroom and ACR were beginning to implement basic pixel shift algorithms, DCU has gone one better.

Motion correction turned on in DCU5:
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And off:
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K-3II - HD DA20-40 Limited, HD DA55-300PLM, SMC DA10-17 Fishy, AF201FG Flashy
Posted 16/05/2016 - 23:27 Link
"Beam me up Scotty"
Posted 17/05/2016 - 00:38 Link
I have been playing with this, and have concluded that motion correction is a software/firmware implementation that basically just scans the 4 images that comprise a PS image, and does not merge areas that show evidence of movement.

The K3II lacks the firmware to do this, so no motion-corrected JPGs straight from the camera but PDU5 will motion-correct K3II RAW files.

The Adobe pixelshift conversions don't (yet) correct for motion effects. The latest DCU5 does a far better conversion..

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