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As my camera bag is getting heavier and more expensive I have been thinking about insurance.

Does anyone have insurance and who do you use?
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Items over 1500 specifically declared on home insurance (albeit at a little extra cost.) Items under 1500 are covered anyhow up to declared total value.
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I used Photoguard, however, can hardly comment on how good or bad they are as fortunately, I have not had to claim anything. That's the trick with most insurance companies. You don't really know what you are dealing with until you need to claim. As far as price to option ratio is concern, they offered more for less in comparison to extending my contents insurance with Aviva, especially considering I travel abroad a lot and needed a world wide cover.

I suppose just using usual common sense and reading through the terms before committing is sufficient to avoid most disappointing scenarios.
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Photoguard....I had a claim years ago on a K-x. They paid out fully, straight away. After I dropped it into a scottish river.. As at that time they only had repair set up's for Canon or Nikon camera's.. I would certainly give them the thumbs up..
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FWIW I've used both Photoguard and Glover & Howe - but now with my home insurance company (Co-op - for the moment as renewal is in the next couple of weeks), and the latter is currently less than half the cost of the specialist insurers (50 V 120+) and so you might want to factor that into the choice you make.
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