Photography during daily exercise whilst lockdown in force


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RobL wrote:
I just donít think it is unreasonable to do some photography whilst out on your walk as long as you donít inconvenience others. How about birdwatching, should I be stopped for carrying binoculars?

Of course it's OK to take a camera or binoculars with you on a walk. You just have to be honest with yourself about your purpose for going out. Exercise with a camera or binoculars round the neck is OK. Going out with the purpose of taking photographs or doing birdwatching and having a bit of a walk to get there is not. If it was, then it would have to be OK for other people to do whatever they wanted provided they walked a bit to get there (and that might mean only walking 100 metres or less). It's frustrating at times, but don't we all give up some of our freedom to do things when we get a job, or get married, or have children or start looking after an elderly relative? (Or is that just in my life...)



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It must be less hazardous for someone to pass by a photographer who is concentrating on capturing a scene, compared with having some water-bottle-carrying, earphone-connected, lycra-clad, mass-challenged lardy "running" past, gasping and panting the exhaust breath from the bottom of his/her lungs into the air to be shared by others.

If a walk and photography, with due respect for others and for the distancing rules, are the combined purpose of leaving the house, there is no good reason for describing that in terms of a guilt-inducing activity.



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I basically agree on what Steve has been saying. I know the streets are not going to be filled with photographers but other people will be thinking they're activity isn't doing any harm. The message is don't go out unless it's essential. Exercise is allowed but should not be abused because if enough people abuse it then even stricter measures could be taken.

Since I took up photography I have had loads and loads of walks been to loads of places I would never had gone to and found lots of stuff about the places I have been. In effect photography gets me out the house and gets me to do some exercise so the current situation has hit me hard. Without causing any offence to anyone and staying with what I now think is ok for me, I am going to carry me camera, only the one lens and be selective and economical what I shoot even if I only take half a dozen shots it will get me out the house for exercise.

I made this post really just to clarify in my head what I want and need to do to get out the house. I hope everyone the best and stay safe

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screwdriver222 wrote:
I hope everyone the best and stay safe

And the same to you.



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Actually there is no difference for me. You can do it easily maintaining social distance.
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