Photographic "ambitions" for 2015


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As we have now begun the new year, has anyone got any particular photographic goals, I.e. Subjects, places, or just things to do to improve their photography?

I broke my leg a few months ago, which led to a cancellation of a visit to Iceland, a place I've long wanted to photograph. For me this year it's simple..

A) get out and about once the leg is fixed, got a few weeks more yet!
B) perhaps do some still life until I can?
C) seascapes in pembrokshire
D) Iceland at the end of the year
E) just get out and do more generally
f) do some updates on species ( puffins, seals,owls,otters)
G) replace those worn filters

Can't wait to get going

What about you.

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Only doin' it for fun


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two projects i hope to achieve this year are a 365, no set theme or subject just to take something every day and a 52 project on Village Church interiors within a 20 mile radius of home ,at least the bits i feel are the best to photograph. if i don't get out soon will fail the first one
odd lens or 2



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Stop using the MX-1 so much and give the DSLRs a chance.

(That's after I've taken it to Tenerife as my only camera, obviously.)
Best wishes,


"These places mean something and it's the job of a photographer to figure-out what the hell it is."
Robert Adams
"The camera doesn't make a bit of difference.  All of them can record what you are seeing.  But, you have to SEE."
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Getting more clients...


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I've got a hell of a lot of work commitments coming up, but I'm still carrying on with the 52 thing, think this will be the 3rd year! I did a 365 before the 52 bug got me, very challenging/tiring but worth all the effort.

Good luck!!
One day you'll find, 10yrs have got behind you.


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the one thing that i hope comes off this year weather permiting

is some of britans strongist women are going to pull a a boeing 747 for charaty and i have the job of photographing it and it should be going into the gbof records


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Get my website back online
Improve as always
Have an exhibition of my work
PPG Wedding photography Flickr
Concert photography

Currently on a Pentax hiatus until an FF Pentax is released


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I need to burst out of the close-up box. My landscape is hopeless - not surprising 'cos I rarely ever do any!
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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I have been suffering from back problems which have limited me over the past few years. I hope this year I might be more mobile and able to do more mainly landscapes.
regards Ian


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Re-discover my enthusiasm.
Improve my landscapes.
Stay out of the studio.
Make use of what I have.
LBA is good for you, a Lens a day helps you work, rest and play.


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McBrian wrote:

Make use of what I have.

I reckon that applies to me. Stop thinking that another camera or lens would suddenly make me a better photographer.
Best wishes,


"These places mean something and it's the job of a photographer to figure-out what the hell it is."
Robert Adams
"The camera doesn't make a bit of difference.  All of them can record what you are seeing.  But, you have to SEE."
Ernst Hass
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Use all of my lenses at least once
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Stuey wrote:
Use all of my lenses at least once

plus what Stuey says as well
odd lens or 2



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1. Make a decision on whether to go the DSLR route (Pentax) or continue with CSC/m43 (Panasonic). That may take some time to do...

2. Need to start shooting RAW at some point. Which means a fair amount of time getting used to Adobe's ACR with PSE.

3. Get ruthless with all the pictures on my hard-drive (currently separate folders for 6 different cameras, each containing lots of folders for each date) and winnow out the duff ones! Plus set up a proper work-flow process. This, also, may take some time...

Some people call me 'strange'.
I prefer 'unconventional'.
But I'm willing to compromise and accept 'eccentric'.


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Something I started with a fellow tog from Cheltenham about 3 years ago was to each compile a spreadsheet of things to shoot,

1 - in comfort zone
2 - out of comfort zone
3 - would really like to do

Since then, we've shot bell ringers in a church, inc the bells, shot a CD cover for a local band, spent 2 days on the London Underground, nudes outdoors, still life, food, and the list goes on

We make sure we do at least one thing per month from the list, as work often gets in the way on both sides, taking it in turns to choose and share the costs / expenses as required. it gets us out regularly and makes us think about how to get the best from a subject.

We also both feed well from each others thoughts, ideas and banter during a shoot which may just be for a few hours or a whole day.

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