Photograph by Ringo Starr (New Book)


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Limited Edition at 2,000 each sold out.
Hardcover version available from 21st Sept. 2015 Amazon link

Is that a Pentax on the Cover? The lens looks like Pentax as well and the lettering is a similar typeface.

Ringo confirmed that they all bought Pentaxes in the notes for Photo 12. Self Portrait using a Nik....cough!

Ringo Starr: 'Photography has always been of interest to me. At one time, we all had cameras. I think we all bought a Pentax in Japan the first time we went there.'

From website.....
The author has directly donated all royalties from The Photograph Portfolio to The Lotus Foundation. The publishers have also made a donation from every purchase to the same charity.

The aims of the Lotus Foundation are to fund, support, participate in and promote charitable projects aimed at advancing social welfare.

Ringo is also trying to get together about 25 photos each taken by the other Beatles for another charity book.

See also this forum topic....

Half Man... Half Pentax ... Half Cucumber

Pentax K-1 + K-5 and some other stuff

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All good stuff. Talented people often are talented over all sorts of different areas. Peter Sellers was another excellent photographer, for example.
Best regards, John
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