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Photo's At Night - Tips?? (MZ 50)

Posted 17/07/2004 - 01:57 Link

I'm going to an indoor concert tonight (Kelis) and Im going to take my MZ50 with me and a 300ml Lens... What are some tips? I'm using color film..

Is an aperture of around 5-ish ok? And ISO set at 1600 with a 400 film alright too? And should I use a flash if my lightning bolt flashes? What if I can't use flash?

Any handy tips would be much appreciated! Thankyou
Posted 17/07/2004 - 07:41 Link
In those far off days when Sue and I were involved with Frankie Valli's fan club, I took quite a few concert shots at both small and large venues.

The following seemed to work pretty well:

Small venues such as the Sheffield fiesta: Short telephoto such as 100mm f2.8, Kodak Tri-X film (400 ISO) exposures guessed and bracketed but generally survived OK! Don't forget minimum shutter speeds to stop camera shake. (Colour film would also work)

Larger venues are less inspiring as the line of sight is not so good, but getting a seat close in is a good start. I think a 300mm lens might be too slow.

I guess that there may be restrictions on photography at some venues that should be considered. In 1972 things were more casual. Do check the situation before arriving with a hugh gadget bag full of kit!

Have fun!
Best regards, John

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