Peregrine Falcons in Aylesbury


Link Posted 25/05/2012 - 12:24
With the chicks doing well and the sun coming out it was time to spend a couple of hours with the peregrines on top of the council offices in Aylesbury town centre this week. Couple of favourites here, more on the blog!

Out hunting..

Guarding the nest..

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Link Posted 25/05/2012 - 19:01
Super shots and lovely color and detail also.
My piccies.


Link Posted 26/05/2012 - 09:39
Cheers Stephen, am quite impressed with the detail myself considering they are around 200 feet up!

Went out this evening as looking at the webcam the chicks had started exploring around the nest, which gave me my first opportunity to get a shot of them even if I had to be over double the distance away to get a better angle.

It's a pretty awful pic but as it's shot from over 400 feet away, 3200 ISO, 1/200s and is almost a 1:1 crop, I'm pretty pleased with it!

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