Pentax v Tamron v Sigma 200mm f2.8


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I'm in a bit of a quandary here. I'm looking for 200mm and f2.8 glass. My problem is, do I buy the Pentax 200mm prime, or is it worth thinking about either of the other two zooms? I realise IQ may be a little compromised but is it worth that for the added flexibility. I'm looking for fast focusing as well as good IQ, so if anyone has experience of these lenses I'd be grateful for comments. Before anyone suggests it, the 60-250 Pentax zoom is a somewhat out of reach financially.

Thanks in advance.



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Other two zooms?

One other thing to consider is how the lenses render colour.

I don't have anything but Pentax lenses, but I understand that the lens coating and optics can affect how colour is rendered.


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Mike P will come along and tell you about the Simga zooms - he has experience

I replaced my 70-200 and 100-300 Sigmas to buy the 60-250, but this was more due to convenience - the original EX IF is considered to be very good as was the EX DG, but quality suffered when it was made a macro lens...recent HSM and OS I'm not sure about ....AF speed was good on mine....frustrated with SDM sometimes but when it locks the DA* shines.
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