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Pentax User Subscription

Saso E.
Posted 26/09/2005 - 08:58 Link

I just want to know if this price: Pentax User Subscription [PENTAXSUB] 16.75..., is for one year subscription or less? I can't find any information about how many issues you get for the price...

Thanks - Saso

p.s. - is the magazine any good???
Posted 26/09/2005 - 09:02 Link
The price covers one year, and includes four copies of the magazine. This is a full colour 32 page or more high quality publication.

I've been a member for probably over 10 years and I've found the membership excellent value.
Best regards, John
Saso E.
Posted 02/10/2005 - 13:28 Link
I have tried to subscribe, but there is no possibility to choose any other country but UK..

Since Slovenia is not in UK, what to do now??
Posted 26/12/2005 - 11:48 Link
It is a problem with the web form. Do what I did, click UK, actually you have to....then make an additional note later on in the process, like I did quoting my exact European address.

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