Pentax SMC Pentax-FA* 28mm - 70mm f/2.8 AL


Link Posted 14/12/2011 - 18:31
Hi folks,

Anyone got any idea where l may be able to lay my hands on one of these. There is one on e-bay at the moment at about £800.00, which to my mind is way to expensive ( but hey what do l know ).

Any help would be appreciated.

regards ........ philip


Link Posted 14/12/2011 - 21:51
I recently purchased a FA*28-70mm f2.8 here in Norway, it just turned up "out of the blue". I consider myself lucky to find a specimen in reasonably good condition, and also at a good price. This lens seems , to me at least, to be rather rare in the second hand marked. My best suggestion would be to monitor the classified ads here on this forum, and on the "other forum" ( In addition I would also keep an eye on London Camera Exchange,, SRS, and other second hand camera shops in the UK.

I wish you the best of luck with your hunt!


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I took one from Ffordes just over month ago for £549. Not the best shape but works like charms. And there wasn't hood, so I had to go and get one (ended up with DA*200/300 hood, works well for APSC ). Then there was one over at for 550EUR. Other than that I only saw one in London in last 3 years. It was in LCE for £599... Good luck getting your copy.

On the side note, PM me your offer. I might be selling as this Xmas is getting really expensive. I'm not kidding...
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I got one locally, not long ago. Wanted to see what is so special about it. Reasonably good offer, but since I bought limiteds, shoot primes mostly. It is in very good condition, almost no signs of use, serviced recently. With hood, but no box, pouch or papers. I am just not to thrilled about it, thinking of passing it on. And already have to much glass anyway...
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