Pentax SMC DA 15mm Limited


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Forgot to mention, it comes with the pouch too.


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So is the lens still for sale?


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Hi Wally, sorry I didn't get the post notification. Yes, it's still available


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I sold one here for 200 less than 3 years ago..



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BruceStrachan wrote:
I sold one here for 200 less than 3 years ago..

I politely declined your initial offer of £240, and I reject the revised offer you made of £200. I said in my initial reply that we were too far apart, so coming back with a figure another 20% lower was never going to work, I'm afraid. You posted that comment after reading my reply so I do hope it wasn't in retaliation, an attempt to sabotage my sale because I wouldn't let you have it for so little.

The lens remains for sale for £275. The discussion in the thread has already indicated that typical selling values are in excess of that price.
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Some replies on this thread from people without hidden agendas:

HarisF1 wrote:
Really depends on what you want to hold out for. Both versions can sell for up to £330ish (or more) as long as you're willing to wait for a while.

Mike-P wrote:
The HD version that recently sold was priced to just get rid of judging from the asking prices of the other kit he was selling (most of it well under what it's worth). Unfortunately when someone does that it straight away devalues everyone elses kit for months to come as prospective buyers will always quote that (rediculously low) price.

ronniemac wrote:
F.w.i.w., exactly two years ago I paid £275 on Ebay for an SMC version.

Happy that I did.

I think £275 is already a very good price. But, if it helps, I'll cover the Royal Mail Special Delivery.
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I have a HD version and I'm pretty sure the SMC will eventually command a higher price because of the sunbursts.

I look back at vintage/older lens sales from before the K-1 was released and notice that prices were so low back then. Situations and values change over time, and this is an example. Unless Pentax release additional DA lenses that compete with this lens, the value will hover nicely around this point.

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I specifically went out of my way to find an SMC version for the star-bursts, many people do. The new version might be better at flare control but that is a bit of a mute point as the original was already exceptional at that! I think I paid about £275.00 after haggling at LCE. I think it may take a little while but it will sell.

I know there are some cheap ones on ebay from abroad buy you would need to add delivery and import duties. Say ~£200.00 + ~£20.00 delivery + ~£15.00 import duty + ~£50.00 VAT you're already in the region of £285.00 or higher... Oh and Parcel Force charge £8.00 for handling the tax and import duties! So a cheap deal on ebay ISN'T!



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A superb lens and at what I think is a good price (I paid full retail for mine many years ago), unfortunately in certain circles people think Pentax is on the decline and with vultures circling above certain parties are buying and selling for silly prices for quick profits,
Personally I would wait to see what Pentax has in store for the K-3 upgrade and if itís as good as it should be demand for Pentax glass will return.


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Sold elsewhere. I would have liked it to go to another forum user, but if no-one's looking for one no-one's looking for one. A big thank you though to all those here who gave constructive advice and support.
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