Pentax SMC DA * 60-250mm f4 For Full Frame


Link Posted 22/03/2013 - 11:59
I wonder if this is compatible Pentax lens for full frame, and if it is true that Pentax will always launch a Full Frame.
I am the party concerned in buying this lens.
Best wishes


Link Posted 22/03/2013 - 12:13
There are no guarantees that Pentax will ever launch a 'full frame' digital camera, although there are rumours.

And it's not really reasonable to expect any DA lens designed for APSC to work well on full frame either. Some designs may have an image circle that will cover full frame but they aren't designed or optimised for that so expect a higher degree or vignetting, distortion and softness outside the APSC image circle than you would get in an equivalent lens designed and optimised for FF.
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