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Pentax shift to online marketing and sales not limited to Japan

Posted 26/03/2022 - 15:00 Link
jules wrote:

Seems to be the way nowadays Mike, whenever you go to a camera shop to just have a dekko, the thing you want to look at isn't there.

That's because they are now photographic shops, not camera shops. My local place openly admits that it survives because of the money they make from things like picture frames, prints, accessories etc. etc., not from cameras. They have very few cameras or lenses in stock but can get most of them, including Pentax (and they do have a Sigma lens or two in K mount in the window display!).

Posted 27/03/2022 - 08:40 Link
My first DSLR in 2014 was going to be a basic Nikon until I tried it in a shop and came away with a Pentax K50, based entirely on how it felt. The K1 I tried at launch on the Ricoh stand at The Photography Show but ordered it only after trying the alternatives. My most recent purchase only happened after handling a couple of options in the local shop, which unfortunately doesn’t stock Pentax any more. I can understand ordering a camera blind online if it is an upgrade or you are familiar with the brand but not based just on paper specs and reviews, it is really worthwhile to find one in stock somewhere and make that long journey just to satisfy yourself it is what you want. Given that Ricoh wasn’t present at the last Photography Shows and this strategy of online only ordering becoming a reality, compounded by the fact that Ricoh has no plans to introduce a new FF body any time soon, then sadly my K1 is likely to be the last Pentax I own.
Posted 27/03/2022 - 14:32 Link
RobL wrote: K1 is likely to be the last Pentax I own.

That's what I said about the K20D, albeit for different reasons. How wrong I was...

Posted 30/03/2022 - 19:35 Link
Is this what it's all about


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